Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where's Trish?

It's taken over an hour to post all these photo's, it took three weeks to live it! In that time I've slept in three states, flown 1000 miles, driven almost that. I've had a great time and am staying well. Things are good here. I find my clothes slipping off me, sleeping not enough and eating well eating is good!
Emma is having a boy and while we are so glad that all are healthy and fine so far, not knitting items that are pink or purple is a little disappointing, but only just a little. Blue and Red are good too!

Mike is happy because I'm here in Los Angeles and we (Audrey and I) had all our tax information prepared.

Steven is working hard.

Becky is cat sitting and reports that several of the boxes in the garage have joined all the boxes that were in the house in the recycling bin, which has overflowed the last three trash days.

I've been playing Words with Friends (an app for the IPhone that is Scrabble) and everywhere I look for good words using w, j, z and y. If you have this app and want to play let me know. Gina H and Ellen from Loops are the only people I know that I'm playing with. MrHombe is a Scrabble shark.....

So now the photo's

Jan's making a point while on the Ferry to Vashon Island

A view of others on the Ferry

Bonnie has moved to Virginia and flew all the way to be with us at Camp Burton, we were all so glad to see her!
Bonnie spinning Newport Rocks in Alpaca/Cashmere and doing a fine job

Linda my room mate, and also my haven when I locked myself out of the Becky's new house (while in my nightgowns) at 1:00am. She said "anytime" you should have seen her face when it was "anytime" she's a good friend

Jan and Linda going to lunch on a brilliant day, early spring in the Pacific Northwest

The view out the window of the eating hall...

Camp Burton Spinning Retreat

Jan and her booth

A fleece from one of Jan's beautiful sheep

Sarah Anderson! Spinning and happy as her sisters (from Minnesota and WI) and one niece as well as Bonnie came to join us!

Her library of work

Bonnie spinning look at how happy she is!

AHHH retreating

Bonnie, Sarah and I had big fun with her Iphoto shop gizmo on her MacBookPro!

These are some of the of the pictures we took

This is Sarah's hand-spun yarn and her sock knitting

I have one just like this #18 Hansen E-Spinner

It's hard to see but this was a door prize. Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

My Spinning Wheel with Cash/Silk "Sugar" being spun for beading!

One of the many old pictures that was on the wall of Camp Burton. I just love this kitchen but glad I don't have to work there....

I can't remember her name but she gave excellent customer service while she rang up my huge order at Shipwreaked Beads in Lacey Washington!

Some of the beads that are now filed and ready for use

Unpacking- the stack of boxes ready to be torn down the last in the lower part of the house went into this pile on Sunday afternoon just before we had a guest for dinner

During the move Emma brought Mark down to Salem for lunch, Mark eating his favorite! Salmon Roe-huge eggs, "Huge" his newest word and a great Words with Friends word!

Emma and Henley Hornbrook II looking good, Emma is wearing her first ever knitted piece! She learned to cast on and knit at my birthday party!

Lisa and Cari both came up a week ago to Saint Helens Or. and did a little dyeing while I did some dyeing. Do you think Lisa likes what she dyed?

Fiber dyed in the drying rack!

Cari shows off her arm muscles and shucks lavender!

Steven made Mike "The Apple Dessert" for his birthday, this is a big favorite in our house

Daffodils in my garden

Ms. Audrey wants some of these Daffodils when they are finished, does she not remember she gave these to me years ago? "really?" she said well I still want some! LOL

One lone Hyacinth

Cleo isn't ready to get up on this day neither was I....more unpacking at Becky's house and then repacking to go to Camp Burton, then back to Becky's new house to unpack some more then repack to go to St. Helens for a few days, then pack for my trip to Los Angeles... a lot of packing....

Jan and Becky's new chicks that are living in Becky's new kitchen

The new skeiner, which came defective :(

All the yarn that didn't get skeined because of the defective skeiner, all waiting to go to Jennifer Knits for a Trunk Show

Nathan (Mr. Woolie Winder fame) and Becky looking at the skeiner and the slightly broken Roberta E-Spinner. Nathan took all the E-Spinners to rehab them, but first we had dinner

and Becky made...Apple Dessert!

Jan and Neil went to a Wine Silent Auction...they went slightly crazy and bought this huge bottle of wine, she put a regular size so you could see that the "Huge" bottle is 6.5x larger than most.... I want to go to that party!

Then on Monday March 22 I flew down to Los Angeles and started skeining skeins. Steven and I worked into the night and then early in the morning to get most of the yarn ready for the Trunk Show at Jennifer Knits in Brentwood California!
This great knitter is going to knit a sweater with all of this yarn (and more) Armfuls of yarn went to a new homes... It was so short and fast that all of us were a little winded at closing. I'm going back soon so watch for the details

A day of rest. I did a little skeining and a little cleaning and unpacking.... more unpacking then I headed out to the garden for some R&R working on my scarf and enjoying the garden that Mike has been taking such good care of.

If you stop by Knitterly you'll see this new pelt that is cuddling the couch. It's from Jan's flock and now we are all connected...

Wow all caught up. I picked Lemons off the Pink Lemon tree, we figure there is about 50 pounds of lemons. I'm not sure what to do with all the lemons, but I'll think about that tomorrow! Happy Knitting


Julie said...

so...where's the recipe for "apple dessert"?

looks like everyone had fun.

monkeyspinner said...

Yes I too want the recipe for the apple dessert. That is alot of pictures lady. Tell Becky not to use Teflon. I just lost 6 chicks, I might see you at BSG I might be in GREECE! non fiber related :)

Becky Rose said...

I didn't use teflon...
You can't put it in the oven.