Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tanglewood Fiber Creations

I'm in Saint Helens tonight and a lot of neat things have been happening. I think I managed to work out my XM radio challenges. Hay nice XM young person!
I've been and come back to Camp Burton. I've helped Becky unload lots of boxes. I've arranged a dye day and I'm going to be plying yarn. Ms. Audrey and I worked on the mountain of paperwork for tax day which is next week. I've got a huge (Marks newest word) amount of pictures to download on a day I'm not pressed for time. Like at the airport next Monday.

Cleo is down at Beckys while I'm working.

It's Mikes birthday today but we are going to celebrate next week when I'm down
in LA.

Steven is working out a life plan please send good thoughts his way.

Beth has been and gone along with Shadow.

Emma is due anyday now but I don't think it will be tomorrow as much as she would like it to be.

Alexandra is all unpacked and working with my friend Nathan (maker of the Woolie Winder) and lots if excitement is happening there.

All the daffodills are up along with other bulbs and it is looking like spring here. This weekend in Oregon it is forcast to be very warm and sunny and everyone here is looking forward too.


katie said...

hey there this is the young xm person... lol katie, just came to check out the web site and say hello again, hello again

Sheila E said...

What wonderful news all around!
Spring has sprung and all is well with the world.
Can you believe it's almost April?
Sounds like much excitement is brewing in your world.
Happy Birthday to Mike!!