Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Camp Burton Eve

It is a cold and dark night here in Silverton Oregon. It has snowed at slightly higher elevations and the warm afternoon on Saturday has disappeared.

While it hasn't snowed here at Becky's old house it is certainly cold really cold. Last night having spent the evening having dinner with Alexandra I got home to a cold dark house. I have trouble with keys, turning things is hard for me. Last night shivering in the dark with at least 35 keys (Becky's keys to the old house, my keys to the house in California, a whole bunch to the new house, the new house new keys belonging to the locks yet installed and the keys to the Saint Helens house really at least 35 keys on three key rings all conjoined) trying to find the one that works. Fussing in the dark, shivering with the cold, looking forward to a nice warm bed with flannel night gowns. I tried about 6 keys before the door finally opened. I went to bang on the heater- nothing happened. I went down in the scary basement to wash clothes for the weekend. When still nothing had happened with the heater. It just sat there looming with spider webs hanging from all the wires and ducting in the dreary basement.
I checked for gas, nothing, I checked the breaker box (electrical) all breakers on (which hadn't been the case the night before when all the kitchen outlets and light didn't work) ummm it got colder (well I was standing in the basement at midnight)

Up the stairs and Cleo is cuddled into the pillow waiting for me to come and keep warm. I took lots of blankets and made a plying nest but it was still pretty cold.

The morning dawned cloudy and even colder. The sky was just different colors of sooty grey, low grumbly clouds. I could see my breath Cleo had her fluffy tail firmly wrapped around her noise.
Back to the plying nest for another several bobbins of natural colored Cashmere. I soon felt the cold that had made it to the core of my being. No amount of tea would warm me. I quickly dressed after the distressing discovery that the dryer hadn't done it's job either.
All my clothes were slightly frozen. I felt then the day had taken a left turn to a place I didn't want to be. Back up the stairs warmed only slightly by the march up and down the stairs several more times.

Eventually I found myself in the car on my way to the knitting shop. I sat and warmed at the Purl District. I was loaned a shawl and given a cup of tea, things looked a lot better. Warm and soothed I was braised to go to Becky's new house and unload the Microwave that is the car. The fence was just about finished, the house was warm, the kitchen was bright and cheery and still had a little lamb roast smell from the night before.
I'm packing up and moving out heading for a warm and cozy night at the new house.

Tomorrow my friends and I will be on our way to Vashon Island in Washington! Visiting with friends and sleeping and eating, no boxes, no cooking, no cleaning just spinning fun.

Hope your weekend is going to be great. Stay warm!!! Hey how about some cashmere yarn- Got Tanglewood?

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