Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The March Adventure

I'm at Becky's old house today but this is a week's worth of pictures to catch you up

Here is a mostly consumed dessert, totally not on the NO plan; Fried Chocolate Wontons with Vanilla Ice Cream ummmmmm I had this with Shelli at Knitterly, we didn't eat the whole thing but I wanted to!

A shoulder candy made by Becky from a test batch of Baby Alpaca/Cashmere, all agreed that this blend wasn't soft enough to put into production but Becky made a nice project and it kept me so warm last night as I wore it to bed.... it was knit with love and therefore even more special

This is the way Cleo travels, we are on our way from Petaluma Ca. to Silverton Or. it took exactly 12 hours

I took this picture while driving (carefully) but I wanted to show you the rows and rows of Almonds that were blooming all along the drive. It was breath taking

I can't find Mark's Birthday socks I knit but I did find these great boots and I think he liked them, Emma and Don weren't thrilled (whoa whoa whoa) but they both agreed at least now he might wear boots!

Emma and Granada Gazelle due soon

Mark on his maiden voyage with the new boots, they are a little big and a little stiff he wasn't totally sure of himself

Sushi with Beth in Saint Helens, it was fun getting together just two friends. I worked my tail off dyeing, plying and looking around at the house.

I forgot how quiet it was there. Even here at Becky's house in the city is pretty quiet compared to Lakewood Ca. but up there whoa whoa whoa quiet. Here are some early bulbs peeking through the soil. I planted these last fall and it's like a little surprise when they start poking their heads up

"A Good Year for Plums" (a book by Bailey White) but it looks really good to have our Wild Plum tree fruit this year, you can't hear it but there are so many bee's tending to pollination! A great sign that we will have fruit this year again! Mike reports that the Aprium tree is full of little fruit sets and I can hardly wait to take that picture when I fly back to Lakewood in two weeks

Here is a "project truck" yeah it's ugly.

Jan and I have been working a lot at Becky's new house. We started in the kitchen as that was the room that was the only one she hadn't touched and didn't have the money/time to do much to before moving in. As Becky cooks a lot (for Jan and I and visa versa) we thought the kitchen was where we'd be the most helpful.
Jan cleaned and lined the shelves, I cleaned the walls and some of the cabinet fronts, I made a trip to the local hardware store to buy cleaning agents, scrubbing brushes and paint samples, Jan then removed the old wall paper because it was really bugging her, and then we painted samples of the new colors we thought Becky might like, she didn't and she then went to get more paint.
Poor Becky had to go out of town for business this week and left on Sunday. I took her to the airport and then went out to brunch with Jan and Neil, then onto looking at a new toy for Jan? Look at Neils face! LOL it's a project car and still not sure if it's going to happen

After brunch and looking at odd cars, Jan and I went to a large hardware store in Salem to order the new fence material and paint and a new over the stove microwave with a exhaust fan (after scrubbing the walls we decided that some sort of fan was in order) Jan bought the approved paint and blinds poor Neil installed. I now know way more about fences than I ever wanted to. Monday Alexandra started painting while I talked to yarn shops and wound roving into balls for dyeing and dyed fiber for spinning.
Here are some of the pictures of the new Yellow paint color in the kitchen

At some point (things are starting to run together) I was in the Ladies Room and on the door was this good advice;

Neil spent a lot of time installing blinds. It didn't go well and there was a lot of changing things around. However this is a new blind that is installed and looks good!

Today I'm going to the new house to watch while the fencing material delivered and starting to be used. I'm also going to buy new locks for every door in Becky's house and have them all keyed the same. I'm going to continue winding roving and unpacking boxes. I'm chilling a little as I'm flagging and both Jan and I are looking forward to some time off. I'm going to make dinner tonight for Alexandra and her roommate Pat. I'm hoping to get together with Emma too. Next week it's more dyeing and fibery things! If you feel like doing a little packing/unpacking let me know!
This weekend is the final big move, Jan and I will be at Camp Burton Spinning Retreat! I've arranged for a lot of people to come and help out so we aren't feeling like we are leaving Becky in the lurch (but we are really glad we don't have to worry about moving any more things) and will be doing some unpacking after our retreat. In two weeks I'll be doing a trunk show at Jennifer Knits in Brentwood California. Lots of Textured Cashmere will be there! So if you want good yarn come see me....meanwhile look for me haunting lumber yards and hardware stores!

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