Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm not a very experienced knitter. I have some technical ability in making socks, but only one kind, one way.....
Taking knitting classes was my New Years resolution. Taking classes from people that don't know me is a must because I'm pretty feral when it comes to learning. I'm all over the place, it's difficult for me to read patterns, and follow pretty simple instructions. By making lots of mistakes and doing it all over is the way I learn, IE the hard way. This fustrates lots of people I love in this life. I loved Sally (Melville), there wasn't a lot of knitting and a lot about using color, another subject I know lots about. Cat (Bordhi) was great and I learned how to begin a toe up sock, I even knit several toes, but mostly wrong.
I've never done lace. I've made lacy things by using a bigger needle using the Shoulder Candy pattern, but really never made lace. It's a lot of reading and darting in and out of holes, I love color.
When I learned to YO (yarn over) I realized that I've been doing that for years but not in a good way... I now know how to go from a knit stitch make a YO and then purl the next stitch, however I digress,
I'm now knitting a lace shawl. I know how to YO and KTFB but SSK never. I thought you slipped one stitch, slipped the next stitch then knit the next stitch, however this is wrong... and I as knit and SSK'ed, my inner knitter (Mother coming back from the grave yelling NOOOOOO) thought prehaps I had it wrong. My question was; how do you slip those slippery stitiches...knit wise or purl wise, this makes a difference. If you slip it knit wise you don't twist the stitches (this I know from making plenty of mistakes) if you slip purl-wise it makes a lovely twist (again learned this the hard way) and having never knit lace I was merrily slipping and knitting away, when half way through knitting 120 stitches I had a thought (again Mother yelling through the either) I had slipped half the time knit wise and half purl wise.... oh no (Mother was silent at this point, well I did hear an" I told you so" but again I digress) so unable to decide what's needed hoping that it didn't matter, and if it did how much did it matter to me. I thought I better find out how to slip stitches.... Becky might know but she's busy at work.....Mom would know, oh yeah she's dead.........Cynthia at Knitting Central would know but she's having a day off with Rick......Shelli (Knitterly) she would know, ring ring ring ring leave a message....um.
Shelley would know, but um couldn't get through, Sarah (Knitter's Studio) would know, they are closed. Um in fact most knitting shops are closed on Monday um.
Jared (Flood) is on a plane and even if he wasn't I'm not stalking him with a dumb question. Sarah Anderson, she would know (and not mind this question) ring, ring, ring, ring, leave a message. Um.
(I can hear you all screaming "Ytube it Dork", again I'm learning the hard way that didn't occur to me and I'm not sure if it would work but I digress....).
Flipping through the massive amount of contacts I finally thought "Lynn Wilson!", she'll know and she did. Happy to get a call from Trish, Lynn makes her first mistake and picks up the phone. SSK which way do you slip? "oh that's easy knit wise", OK! I said that's great! Thanks Lynn, then we talk about knitting in general while I thought I was SSKing all over the place when (Mother's voice came through call waiting and said this is a DECREASE PATRICIA, you've not made a decrease you simply have slipped stitches) Wait -Lynn how can this SSK thing be a decrese when all I've done is slip stitches?, and not even twisted them? Then Lynn explained the unwritten "everyone knows this" trick, you go back and knit the slip stitches together backwards.....OHHHH.
Oh...oh no.... oh @#$% oh, oh Lynn couldn't this (all of this) just be a round of "Design Features"? Silent pause, my good friend Lynn (and Mother at the same time said) Weellll if you want (IE but it would be totally wrong and your piece of knitting would look terrible and then everyone would know you're a Dork but I'm not going to say this out loud because it would upset my good friend Trish) how bad does it look? Lynn lives on the East Coast I'm in Los Angeles.....ummm well ummmm (Becky hates to hear these sounds, as she can hear the cogs of my mind working weighing the "I could just leave it and I'd be happy or living up to being a more perfect being..".) Oh dear I've done it wrong and now have to pull it all out,,,,, (Lynn physically made a sound of relief and sympathy all in one whossh) ummm.

This is how it sits today, half way ripped out. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This is the path of a random thinker.....

The weather here turned very warm and Mike got off early, we sat outside happy to be enjoying the sun and the birds and the cats. Everywhere there are signs of spring. Every yard is starting to green up with all the rain. Birds are starting the songs of love. The Jasmine opens new buds hourly. The Aprium tree as well sprouts more and more blossoms. Knitting abandoned for another day.....
Mataniu waving good bye to her friends last night at the going away party! I'm going to be seeing them though as they are moving to Silverton just a few miles from Becky. In fact I've been to their new house, walked through and was able to give a glowing report. They haven't seen their new house yet...this weekend is moving day

Alexandra waving good bye

Becky shows us her keys! While at the Good Bye party, Becky picked up the keys to her new house. It seems like everyone is moving......

I'm going to make yarn today. The knitting can wait. I understand what's to be done, I can do it, just not today. If you are waiting for yarn sorry.. however it will make me a better yarn making person to understand knitting better. This I believe, this I know, this I live for, I even know how to SSK.......

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