Sunday, February 21, 2010

Keep in Touch

How many times have i send these words.... on Friday night my son was driving Alexandra and Mataniu's home to Oregon.... keep in touch I said and for two blissful days have this small house to myself. He'll be back tomorrow and Mataniu the next day.
This next week is a travel week for me. I'm driving to Petaluma for the weekend and the Big Sale at Knitterly. There will be some Tanglewood there at 30% or lower so if you are in the area come visit. Meanwhile I'm making yarn for orders. There is a lot of beaded yarn and lots of beads roll along the floor here in Lakewood.
It's smelling lovely outside and barring the rainy evening on Friday it's been warm and lovely. The Jasmine is wonderful I wish I could put this smell into a color-way....
I've been beading yarn, Cleo has been watching, chasing the biggest beads that scatter across the floor when beading goes bad

Orchid almost blooming

"Christmas Cacti"

The lemons aren't quite ready, although some ended up in a truck bound for Oregon....

This Rose never had a name... so I'm calling it Breath-taking. I could do a color-way......

Pink Jasmine

Slowly the Aprium tree blooms, fruit already setting

Wednesday was a knitting day. I corrected my mistakes and started knitting Chart B again. I had a lovely time, first going to Knitting Affair and then to Tea with friends and family.....
Family- SIL Janet, she is the talented one in the family. She does glass beads..... Look carefully at what is hanging off her neck. I have two pieces to knit onto a necklace, one that Janet made and one Shelia Ernst made... can you say new project?

new friends Sandy and her husband

Back to Textured Snow Cashmere...

and Ice Cashmere/Silk without beads the softest yarn ever

and Colorful yarn

and beaded yarn....I love the beads....

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