Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

I'm still buzzing from the wonderful weekend. Today was the best. I finally got to meet (and take a knitting class) from Jared Flood. He is adorable and so gentle, kind and patient. My beloved SIL's (that knit) came along and even though our knitting skills weren't quite up to making lace, we learned loads and had fun.
We then went for an extravagant meal which included a lot of food on the "No" list (it was one day, one meal, I don't care if I suffer later it was Valentines Day, back to oatmeal and salad tomorrow) and harp music. Heaven.... not one picture though, sorry we were so busy knitting and learning and talking the phone was forgotten in the purse...however here are some pictures that I took on Friday and Saturday...

Northwest Summer in Superwash Merino, Becky sent down a couple of boxes of yarn for me to wash and re-skein. It was so lovely and warm that I put them in the Aprium tree to dry. If you look carefully there are many open buds...ummm I can taste the Apriums now

Newport Rocks, umm Newport Rocks and oh yes! Newport Rocks, some in Superwash Merino some in Cashmere, some in regular weight some in Sock weight

It has begun! The Pink Jasmine has started to bloom and in the evenings the air is perfumed with Jasmine! Just wait until it all blooms.....

Here is my favorite yarn. "Fireworks" this is our "green" yarn made up of our bits and pieces then carded together with black Merino and spun again. I'm knit my Girasole Shawl out of this yarn.

Saturday we went to my SIL's house for a surprize birthday party for her sister. It was a gorgeous day and sitting in the sun Mike sported his newest shirt, a Christmas gift, from his daughter (Becky)

Again sorry to not have taken pictures today. I didn't want Jared to think I was a stalker, but having met him it would be hard not to be his (stalker) biggest Fan (is that Literally or Figuratively?, both I think). I got to hear all about the neat yarn shops he's been to and I got to share the neat rocking shops I've been to!
We had the most outrageous meal at the "little door" in West Los Angeles. We had a ball, a rocking good time. We learned lots, and I'm knitting lace (ok so I have six rows knit but I like the way it's coming out! I might just become a lace knitter but I'm going to get some more glass circluar needles from Sheila and Michael Ernst, as for knitting three together and such they are perfect, well they are perfect with anything but doubly perfect for lace knitting. ) I'm still so wired that it's hard to come back to Earth but Mike just came out (sort of like an owl) and made the "are you coming to bed soon" face. Steven and I are going to skein and ship orders out tomorrow, well, get them ready to ship out we are going to actually ship them out Tuesday as Monday is a holiday.
I love the feel and hand of Chocolate Icing and if you get the chance you will also fall in love with this yarn.

Becky is to get the keys to her new home on Monday.
Emma is now at 6 weeks from D day feeling well and happy.
Steven doesn't like skeining but likes the money. Skeining is hard, just wait until he installs the new inventory program.
Mike is well (thank goodness) and has done lots today his second day off in a row, wow. I feel bad that I couldn't be out in the garden with him. I'm going to try to put in some garden time this next week. There are still 5 roses to prune.
Cleo is sitting with me but keeps heading to the bedroom hoping that it is bed time.
Beth is going to come to Oregon for a visit while I'm also in Oregon. It has been since her FIL's wake in October that we've seen each other, that's too long.
On the 17th my Mom will be gone a year. I'm not focusing on the date (too much) but I can't believe it's that long ago. All year I kept thinking "last year Mom and I did this" "last year Mom was doing that" Now a whole year has passed without Mom. That makes me sad, but not as sad as it use to. I love you Mom. I'm glad I learned to knit and that you lived long enough for us to share that bond. Happy Valentines Day

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