Saturday, February 06, 2010

Painful Goodbyes

Have to tell you leaving Tulsa is going to be painful... I love it here! the knitting community is so strong and the people are wonderful. I'm already planning my next trip here!
Now to today's pictures.....
I arrived early this morning to interrupt an employee meeting

My good friend Terry hiding in the corner

As we all know Terry has the best shoes!

These ladies took their first knitting lesson and they are working hard, I shared chocolate and offered Scotch, all took chocolate but no Scotch takers

The lady came in to celebrate the fact she finished this beautiful sweater, and it's even in my favorite color! She has the most amazing sweater for her husband almost finished as well. WOW how great is that

Ellen and Rob are also leaving for a business trip in the morning early and I have to continue trying to get everything packed (however there is a lot less yarn to pack) and get onto several planes tomorrow. I fly via Tennessee which I have never done before so it will be interesting.

I have Brunch with the Brander Family tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. I have the IPhone and the ITouch all charged up to play some good games.
I'm now playing "Words with Friends" a scrabble type game between Gina H and myself. She is beating me soundly with "Volume" at 89 points. My first word was "Hair" for 7, I'm enjoying it though a fun way to improve my spelling.

I hate the leaving but love the arriving as I've said many times before and yes I understand that you have to do one to get the other, but I'm sad to leave all my good friends here in Tulsa. I'm sure Cleo, Steven and Mike are looking forward to having me home and ground me a little. I'm really starting to get excited about taking a class with Jared Flood, however reading over the homework, it looks like I'll be learning a lot.
It's now pretty late and I have an early morning. I'm sorry to be leaving but look forward to doing some gardening in Lakewood.CA. The Pink Jasmine is almost coming into bloom and since I didn't trim the arbor this year it is going to be spectacular. Pictures to follow. Good night for now, wish me luck tomorrow!


Shelley Brander said...

Thank you Trish for another amazing visit! Sam, Cecily and Mallory cannot wait for their next Trish fix! Can't wait to cast on with the fudge icing. Always know that Tulsa is feelin the Trish love!

Carol Dunham said...

It was such a treat for my daughter and I to meet such a vibrant woman. You are a jewel. I hope to see you again when you return to Tulsa. Until then I will follow your blog and enjoy the leavings and arrivings of you dear Trish!