Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Back to our regular schedule

I arrived in Los Angeles Ca. from Tulsa OK (via Memphis TN) at 9:00 pm Sunday night, the airport was packed more than packed it was bumper to bumper....

Just out of the airport trapped in traffic

Meanwhile Gina H. (at Loops) finished her little Cardigan (she's in the snow)... this took several skeins of Newport Rocks in Cashmere, and I think one of Cashmere/Silk and one of Art Yarns in a purple color. If you want more information just call Loops!

Monday I was on restriction. I was only allowed to rest and rest afterwards. I wandered out to the garden and here's what is blooming in the garden.....
The Aprium Tree is starting to bloom! Spring is minutes away!

SIL gave Mike this Orchid several years ago and it's about to go crazy!

Rose, one of the last ones on the bush. Today they all got trimmed but I left this to finish

The Pink Jasmine is about to go crazy totally crazy! Here are the buds I'll show more pictures when they are open

This rose was still blooming too much to trim so I'll be picking them when they are a bit more open

Last the Oregano, Mike cut this back some weeks ago but with all the rain it has become giant

Mike took the day off today and we spent it in the garden until the rain sent us indoors. I was sent for a nap and then a leisurely dinner. I'm getting to work tomorrow and making plenty of yarn. I enjoyed my day of work even though my hands got poked pretty good from roses and Bogenvia which we hope to have removed. I have to say I don't enjoy these vines with good cause as this one had started to bust through the cinderblocks of our fence. The roses are almost all pruned, and the Aprium tree has more blooms on it. Mike and I stopped too soon due to the rain so there is more work to do.
Tomorrow is all about getting work done, and to get ready for my class on Sunday with Jared Flood. I wonder if he is as excited about the class as I am! LOL

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