Friday, February 05, 2010

Lovely Loops

I couldn't have had a warmer welcome here at Loops in Tulsa!! Treated like family and having a great time. So getting down to business...
Here is Phyllis and her 5 completed Tanglewood projects! She spent her $50 gift card guessed more Tanglewood!
So here she is in a Shoulder Candy in 100% Cashmere in the Newport Rocks color-way

Here is her little Bolero in beaded 50%Cashmere/50%Silk in Newport Rocks

A little cowl out of 100% textured Cashmere in Snow

another Shoulder Candy this time in Columbia Gorgeous.... not sure which fiber, either Cashmere or Cash/Silk

Last but not least a Neck Candy out of one skein of 100% Cashmere in Erica's Sunstone

Here's my plane knitting project another Cowl. This time out of Super-Wash Merino. Calypso Cove and Northwest Winter. I'm knitting this cowl to prove several points, Point number one, Calypso Cove rocks as a color-way. People don't see the loveliness of this color-way. I love it so I'm knitting with it. I cast one 120 stitches

Point number two these are different weight yarns, but you can't notice that on my size 9 needles. It just works. I'm knitting 4 rows of each color-way and doing 6 rows of Stockinette in between the eyelet pattern.

Most of this cowl was knit on the airplane. You can knit on planes.
I'm running out of the thicker ball so I will have to go into the stash to find some more of this color-way, as other people saw the beauty of this color-way when it was knit.

Here are my hosts Ellen and Rob, look at what kind of potato chip is Ellens, Rob said that he thought that these chips even thought they are baked are on the "No" list of my eating plan, Ellen said that she loves them! Now I'm going to have to try them, Darn that Ellen

My bed for the weekend... Temperpedic mattresses rock! I love these colors together Becky take note! Ellen asked me how I slept this morning, I said she has spoiled me for another mattress and it was terrible to get out of it in the morning, she said paybacks are hell, as I've spoiled her on knitting anything besides Tanglewood Yarn....

The shop is a rockin'!

Here is Mary Jo. This is her "rolladeck" of knitting instructions....... This way she can do things steep by steep

Look knitting talk

It has been a mad house every day. Tonight was tons of fun! It was a pre Valentine party. A lot of good souls in this shop tonight. Tomorrow is Gina's turn to Trish Mind so I have no idea what will happen but I know it will be great!
Happy knitting!

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Firoozeh said...

I intruduced Ellen to those potato chips. Try eating them with greek yogurt.