Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Packing up

I'm in the panic mode- some things are packed and some aren't I wanted to share a comment we got from one of our lovely and talented Spinners-Nancy who was spinning some Cashmere in Northwest Summer (if you are waiting for this it's Spun! Yeah)

"I sure enjoyed watching these colors blend together while I spun. It was like spinning flocks of parakeets and lovebirds!
- Nancy"

I just thought this was so wonderful I wanted to share it with you....


and this are some of the things that need to get packed...

And this!

Umm someone's been licking the shower again....
This is a mess that I have to clean up before I go :( Cleo has a water bowl, and a fountain but she much prefers licking the shower walls and faucet for a treat

OK so I'm going I'm going!