Monday, January 25, 2010

The next day

After the rains on Tuesday I thought we might be done but just after I blogged the heavens really opened up and we got (I measured) 3 inches of rain in about two hours. It was just like home! Of course all my Southern California friends are blaming me and my Oregon friends, whom are enjoying sunny warm weather are thanking me.....

This is in front of our house (boat LOL) those are waves coming over the side walk and up our drive

Some enterprising drivers

by night fall it was back to normal. Thursday it showered and Friday it was wet in the morning but nothing like the week. The weekend weather although cool was amazing as only Southern California can look after being "power washed".

Meanwhile Steven and I worked and took a full inventory and filled orders out of our stock. Glad to say that most of the orders are 80% filled and going out this week.
Our new friends include, A Colorful Yarn, Denver area CO, Nimble Fingers Houston TX, In the Making Birmingham AL. The Hen House in Spring TX, yarn is going out to these folks this week so if you live in these area's stop by and check out their new yarns.

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Sheila E said...

WOW!! I bet that you were looking for Noah to come by...."right, what's a cubit?". If only we knew!

I adore So Cal after a rain...YUMM!

Sounds like you are on top of the horse again...congrats!