Friday, January 29, 2010

Last Weekend

I had a mental health weekend, and while it is great fun to take time off it does put a strain on the yarn production but this past weekend I went for it. Saturday Mike and I went to the Quail Botanic Gardens near San Diego CA. Sunday I went to San Juan Capistrano back to the Tea Garden on Los Rios, with the Friends of Blair Club.....
Here is the love of my life (sorry Mike he's just way cute) Mark, when asked what he was drawing he said Sushi! What almost two year old loves Sushi? Becky Rose......Good luck Emma and Don!

We are going backwards now to Sunday.. A meeting of "The Friends of Blair Club". our desserts!

Tea Sandwiches

Salad with tea

Ummm scone which I had some of and saved most of the rest, knowing that the dessert was coming


Here are the club members. Blair Cathy and Kathy and Liz

I can't remember if this was at the Quail Garden or the park next to the Tea Garden but isn't this just too California?

Now we are a week ago on Saturday. Mike and I took a wonderful ride on Saturday to Quail Gardens. They had many plantings of Succulents. Mike was thrilled with these marvels. We came home with a plant which when planted I will take a picture of then

Jan got her Meyer Lemons which I picked in showers. I planted the Meyers Lemon for her as her efforts growing a lemon tree in Oregon failed. So now I have her tree here.
Today I went to Knitters Studio for the trunk show. Pictures are going to be above this post tomorrow!

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