Wednesday, January 20, 2010

catching up

Last week in between recovering from TNNA and taking a mind bending class from Cat Bordhi I went out to the garden and did some pruning. Which was timely as you will see later. I loved the class from Cat and wanted to take another one but my brain fatigued from the riggers of TNNA caught up with me so I spent the day organizing paperwork all to do with TNNA. Then Mike had a long lunch on Saturday and we really trimmed and pruned. The Aprium tree has been pruned so that it is all reachable by me, no wasted fruit. I have several more roses to hack at but as you will see that's not possible this week.

This was a winter's day in Southern California that I spent sipping tea and knitting in the garden soaking up the sun to try and recover from the excesses of the weekend

Cyrus in "his chair"

Cleo loves to roll in the warm concrete

The Pink Lemon Tree covered and near harvest

The Meyer Lemon Tree... a gift in the making for someone special...later word on that

The rose now able to catch some sun now that Mike has trimmed and hacked the surrounding overgrowth

On Thursday I got yet another call from a local yarn shop that my glove needles that I had ordered (in Jan. 2007) were still there and could I pick them up. I have tried to go and pick them up but every time I have they aren't there and so I think that somehow we are both mistaken. Then another six months go by and I get a call to come and get them. So Friday I drove to the beach to try and pick up my needles. Judy (sorry if this is wrong) greeted me and I explain I was there to pick up the long lost needles, she went to the back to find them comes out and hasn't got them "Am I sure I haven't picked them up?" Yes I'm quite sure off she goes in the back and then starts to enlist everyone in the search for the missing needles... time passes which just makes me laugh and then I realised that last year at this same time Mom and I were in trying to pick up the needles, this was the last yarn shop Mother ever went to..... But then the needles are found!

Here am I accepting the needles...

Last year I took a knit to fit class with Sally Melville at this shop and guess what she came back this year and I took a neat stitch class with her on Sunday. Yeah I love Sally and we had a great time in class, I understood way more in this class and learned lots, coupled with my class with Cat I am now on knitting overload. Just as class finished the clouds opened and the rain we so needed started.......

Monday we got a pretty good rain so I plied some Camel/Silk and set the yarn I had done in the weekend. Tuesday it came down. There is nothing like a real rain in California, and being from Oregon I know something about rain. It doesn't rain a lot but when it does watch out! These are pictures of the rain yesterday

This is one of the trash cans floating down the street, I wish this was a video so that you could see the fast progress, I had to go and rescue them before they were much farther along.

Our "river" on the corner..

Today it is raining but not as hard as it did yesterday, not as much as it is suppose to tomorrow. It is excellent knitting/spinning weather! I made chicken soup the other day while watching the rain but Steven said instead of taking knitting classes I should take a soup making class :(. I'll have to put that on the list. Happy Knitting and/or Spinning as this is the season to enjoy staying inside!!!

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Brent said...

When it decides to rain in LA, it really decides to rain.