Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moving On

My brain is fried. IF TNNA wasn't enough, I decided to take a knitting class from Cat Bordhi today and going back tomorrow.
I made some resolutions this year. 1. Take a class from Cat
2. Learn to make gloves properly
3. Learn to knit the JoJoland Swirl Shawl (which has been on the list since 2008) but I want to use my own yarn.
TNNA turned out well in spite of all my fears, and while I wasn't overwhelmed with orders, I now see I won't be overwhelmed with work either allowing me time to take care of myself. Hence two days of knitting workshop.

It was mind bending for me today. I read the instructions wrong three times and had to start again twice. I didn't get my sock past the toe but I now understand way more about toe up socks than I ever did before.
Tomorrow is a stitch class. There is graph paper involved it may get scary.

While I was working away on socks the phone must have kept ringing as I have many messages to return, and if you are one of those people I promise Friday I will get to work.
I just need a few days of fun, although I think today was fun it was very challenging for me.....

Now one to some really good knitting!

For my friend Sarah Anderson's birthday I gave her a very modest skein of ICE she knit it up into this lovely scarf!

Barbara is a customer at Loop and Leaf. She is getting lots of coupons for "Body Candy". This project evolved from the Vogue Eyelet Cowl that I knitted in Cashmere/Silk beaded Fire and Ice. Barbara could wear it as a shrug and liked that idea so well she knit one large enough to do all these neat things! Beyond great job Barbara!

Thanks so much for your wonderful pictures. If you are interested in making this yourself call Celeste at Loop and Leaf in Santa Barbara Ca. for directions.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts towards my Brother in Law. I got news tonight that he is going home today or tomorrow and is much better!! Thank goodness.

Cleo has been happy here but we have a stray cat living around our house in California. This straggly thing is starting to be friendly, so do we need cat #5? ummm NO.. another problem for another day.
Becky is looking forward to moving into her new house. We are so proud of her doing it all on her own.

Steven was a hero this weekend. He is strong and tall and nice. People like Steven, well he is likable. He worked very hard this weekend at TNNA and helping me pack up TFC and driving it all down to Southern California. Thanks Steve

Today I woke to rain. Not hard rain, just enough to make everything good and wet. Love it. Just as I was missing the Pacific Northwest. I wore the socks Paula made me for my birthday. Cat said they were well knitted, not that Paula needs to hear it but since she didn't have my feet to measure I think the fit is fantastic. Now I know more about fitting socks it amazes me that so many of my hand knit socks fit. Another testament on how forgiving hand-spun yarn really is.

Janell Laidman posted some nice things about TFC yarn, thanks Janell!

Now it's really time to go to bed, early bed is part of the homework for tomorrow! Happy Knitting and/or Spinning!

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