Sunday, January 10, 2010

The National Needle Arts Long Beach Show

Friday dawned with a huge migraine. I was completely unable to get anything ready to get down to Long Beach Convention Center to set up the booth. Steven packed things as I was able to get them ready and took his cousin to help set things up while I took a little nap. When Mike got home, Alexandra was already there helping to do the last minute skeining and labeling. We all then went to set things up. Steven and Mike worked on the lighting and the shelves, Alexandra worked on the dressing out of yarn.
These two pictures of our progress......

The completed project

Many people have asked me to dye commerically spun yarns, but it never has interested me, so I talked to Alexandra about it and she was very interested. Here is her yarn with 14 little hand knitted socks from each color-way. I think it is the best!

I'm surprised at how weak I still am, so Alexandra came to spin and help out today. Steven made endless cups of tea, took orders made meals and generally took care of everything.

We have fabulous neighbors and so many nice people came through to look and fondle really good yarn.

Janell Laidman came by to have a sit on the couch. Renee, the yarn editor of Vogue Knitting, stopped by and fondled yarn. Melissa Leapman came by and picked yarn up for another neat project with Fireworks yarn. Many many others. Tomorrow we hope to meet more new friends. Steven starts another term at College tomorrow. Even though my Brother in Law didn't want me to blog about his grave illness I hope you will send your love and prayers for his recovery.
He is in the same hospital as I was in November. I really wanted to see him tonight and so went straight from the Convention Center to the hospital. It was so reassuring to actually see him.
Mike spent today in the back yard hacking back at the overgrowth, and the driveway is littered with the efforts. The front yard looks great and if I could have seen the back I'm sure it is the same. I look forward to doing some work out there as well.
Wednesday I'm taking a knitting class with Cat Bordhi, I even had to buy special yarn for it! I'm so looking forward to taking this class and hope my knitting skills are up to it. I'm planning on taking more classes this year, a JoJoland scarf is in my future as well as a pair of gloves.
Several Trunk shows are booked and I will soon list them after tomorrow. Tonight it is time for bed, tomorrow is another day!

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monkeyspinner said...

Sorry I missed having a nice cup with you all. Maybe I can stop by your OE head quarters some time. I have a hankering for Dim Sum in Portland. Hope your taking care of your self. Tell everyone hello :)