Friday, January 29, 2010

Knitter's Studio

Trunk Show at Knitters Studio, I was packing up today and turned around and here was a picture!

After a long Friday I decided to go to the "Little Door" restaurant just a few doors down from Knitters Studio. It was great here are a few shots of the fun.

The Bobbin I'm going to bead

I got home Friday with a purpose I have to make beaded yarn for a client at Knitters Studio for a project so I drove home as quickly as I could. However driving through LA is always exciting. They close Freeways at night to do construction and many accidents can also make driving on the Freeways exciting but not in a good way. Having said that I got home and the hour was late, 11:00 before I started beaded yarn. Shortly after I started making beaded yarn Mike came out of the bedroom and told me to go to bed, the hour was late and the machine was loud. I aggreed. I decided that I would finish in the morning
Lavender Moon beads waiting for yarn

The partial skein I got before my "live Coo Coo" clock demeaned it bed time

Best laid plans.... Steve's cousin spent the night. Look at Cleo's face! She is mad that "her" couch is "full"

My new BEST Friend "Hope" with her new favorite yarn!

A customer came in with a skein of beaded yarn she bought some years ago. She could never find "the pattern" (as Shelli at Knitterly says-"to honor the yarn enough") having had taken Sally Meliville's class a couple of weeks ago I suggested that she knit it with Kiogu and she chose this color-way. Sally suggested that one do one of the yarns in garter stitch and one in stockette, so this knitter is going to try it with each yarn (swatching) and finally feels like she is on the right track! ( and she saved a lot of money as the prospect of buying another skein was scarry!)

I have met so many new lovely friends and got to catch uo with old friends. Elise and Roberta were both in yesterday. Fellow Sally Meliville class mate Claudia came and (I know I'm a yarn crack dealer sorry) got addicted to the yarn and went out high on yarn. Today is my last day there, but I'm going to Tulsa on Thursday! Can't wait to see all the my very particular friends there! Ellen is hosting me this time and I get to sleep in the Cabana!! along with a cat (sorry Cleo) and close to the Mini horses!! A short week or so after my trip to Tulsa I'm driving to Petaluma (Watch out Knitterly!!) and then onto Oregon where I'll be helping Becky pack and move to her new house!!

She signs the papers on Monday and then my daughter has her own house. Proud you bet!

The other item of news is Emma and Don's new baby..
(Granda Gazelle it's hard to read I know!)
This is new babies code name... remember Mark was Henley Hornbrook (which is like the next exit) Don and I somehow came up with these two names so we are hoping that by giving this new child a girl code name.......well you understand but if we should get another Henley Hornbrook it's fine. Emma is due on April 1st and we are all excited

How can this be? Mark is blowing out his candles! Can it be that yesterday my little darling was born.

We had long chats last night about red cows, ted tractors and Sushi with "eggs" (Roe) that are.. yes red. He said he was 5 yesterday, and there were 5 red cows, yeah that's my boy!!! He was really chatty and then I got to talk to Emma for a long time. I miss them all so much....sigh but soon I'll be taking Mark to the park (we both aggreed swings rule at the park slides not so much) Emma is well and we don't know what kind of baby we are getting (just like the old days) but we both aggreed that we are excited, (Emma is not exactly excited about the getting only about the having) So if you are near Tulsa next week come and see me and if you are reading this on Sunday evening sorry you missed me at Knitter's Studio!

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