Tuesday, December 01, 2009


What a busy couple of days. After having been in such a quiet calm environment to go out into the world by myself is a little daunting. The pulse of life here is so fast and overwhelming. People, children, and cars the sea of cars is really amazing. I feel like I've been in a vacuum for weeks. Especially with all the holiday preparations. Hey what can I say it's Los Angeles!

Sunday going to "Little India" was fantastic and getting to try interesting and new foods-mostly all on the program was a huge treat. The to go onto the Holland/Amerca shop were all the expat's go to buy their "Soul Food". It is quite a bit harder to go to the Brit Shop. The only one I knew of was about 30 miles away, and while that doesn't sound far in Oregon terms it's hours away by LA traffic. It takes a whole afternoon to drive there buy things and then drive home. Sadly most of the items I would normally buy just can't be consumed by me anyway so this Thanksgiving I didn't make the effort.
Today another Doctors appointment found me wondering just exactly this shop (which is about a block from the Dr.'s office) was, was it just a tea house or did it sell goodies, not that they are on the program just yet but after a long conversation (and by the way 9 lbs. slimmer than three weeks ago and 26 lbs. slimmer than last March) with the Dr. about adding (yeah adding!!!) foods back slowly and carefully. Umm I can taste the beef and popovers now. Today however the treat was Yogurt, low fat plain but it tasted like heaven! But I digress,I found this shop

It had all the English goodies!! All of the traditional treats, I still can't have but one day....maybe Dec. 18th?

Steven came home yesterday with this Suitcase filled with yarn ready to label. Becky has been busy

This is Merino/Angora/Cashmere in Northwest Autumn, not Columbia Gorge-ous. One problem about the lovely Vogue picture is that they must have used a filter or something changing Columbia Gorge-ous into Northwest Autumn (close enough) that now for the orders I will have to sort of do some exciting dyeing, as most of the people ordering this yarn want the lovely yellow color!

Northwest Summer in Cashmere (and Cashmere/Silk)

Northwest Autumn in Cashmere ummm what a lovely hand this has with a lonely skein of Cashmere/Silk in Erica's Sunstone

Multnomah Falls in sock weight Super Wash Merino. WOW we have a fabulous Super-wash Spinner Jennifer, if you want to make some lovely socks, this is the yarn to do it with!

So I drove myself to the Doctors yesterday and was told the spreading rash is actually a huge bruise," but it itches" says I "that means it's healing" says him.
Today Dr. McKinley and I talked about walking and doing exercise to prevent the scar tissue to meld in the idle position, so now I get to add walking and probably yard work of which there is a lot to do. However with it almost completely dark by 5:00pm it makes it hard to have Mike's help but we will work on it.

One bad thing is that I won't be able to go to any trunk shows until after Jan 1 so everything is cancelled. The yarn is at Knitterly still, where it will stay until I can go pick it up, (I think Shelli and Mike have been talking, as both of them have "put their foot down" as to my great thoughts about over doing). Sigh I'm not Super Woman no matter how hard I try. I'm really bummed as I had a date with Sam to see the Christmas Lights in Tulsa next week..... Sorry Sam. Mike says he'll drive me around Lakewood there are plenty of lights here, sweet but not really the same.
So if you want yarn call Shelli at Knitterly or Cynthia at Knitting Central as they have some yarn.

By the way Dr. McKinley was hintting for a knitted item today, do you have any suggestions I can make for a hot Dr. type? Keep in mind he lives in Orange County California, it was "cold" here today it only got to 70!

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I hope you are feeling better. Will some one be at Wildfiber Saturday?