Monday, November 30, 2009

The Work Week

This week I hope to get a lot of work done. Steven at this moment is hopefully on a plane coming home before school this morning. I've dropped his car off at the airport so that I can use another one to go to the doctor's myself, yes I get to drive myself anywhere I want to today. I wish I had enough energy to keep driving north, but I know that getting to the Doctor's office will probably be enough to make me wish for a nap.
Too soon this holiday is over. The best excuse to not work. Today it all comes to an end.
While I wasn't plying or skeining, or "resting" I was knitting... here is my project.

Here is the lost disused spinning wheel waiting patiently, the only patient thing around here

The singles waiting to be plied with beads, I love beads. They are everywhere in the house. You can't make a move without a bead skittering in front of you. Under every piece a furniture, in the bed, even in the dryer.

Here is a close up of a hand blown vintage Japanese bead pre-World War II

Two skeins of Hot Sugar

75%Cashmere/25%Silk Ice

Baby Camel and Silk

Yak/Silk beaded but a new combo Butter Icing close up


Yesterday Mike took me to Seal Beach Pier we had a lovely walk in the sunshine. We had a lovely time just strolling. I watched the young men surfing and remembered all the days spent body surfing wave after wave. The beach is my healing place.

Mike strolling along

This Berm is to protect the ocean front property from the large high tides.

This is almost sunset,

On that peaceful note I begin my work!

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