Monday, December 07, 2009

Peaceful Fun

Saturday was wonderful yesterday was the best. Alexandra invited me over for a "girlfriend day", so I loaded the car with Spinning Wheel and lots of fiber (at least 4 times the amount that is humanly possible to spin in that amount of time) and went over for a Fibery day.
The spinning I got done. This is another test batch of Fudge/Chocolate Icing

this is two different balls of the same thing, the one on the upper left is 75% Chocolate Cashmere/25% Tussah Silk (in the Stone color) the one on the bottom is 50%Chocolate Cashmere/50% Honey Tussah Silk, so I'm playing this week to get the best results in time for TNNA

While we were cozy spinning and all things fibery Becky was walking in the hills of Marion /Linn County in Oregon looking for the perfect Christmas tree, however it was a very cold walk as the high yesterday was 38 burrr

We are hoping for rain here in Southern California as we are in a pretty big drought. Alexandra did a lot of yarn dyeing and has it all hung in the window trying to catch the watery thin sun that was present yesterday

Here is the cozy fireplace that was welcome and necessary and while yesterday was well above freezing here, (St. Helens' low was suppose to be 17 last night) for Southern California it was cold. 60 is 60 and the fire was "so delightful" note the yarn drying......

Today it is all about beaded yarn. I'm sore after a few days of exercise and being out all day. The stick shift car I'm using isn't helpful to my hip either so today I'm kinda sore. I'm going to another spinning event tonight to do some more Chocolate Cashmere/Silk spinning. I'll take pictures of all the plied test batches and you can tell me what you like best.
Of course the best way is to touch it so let me know if you want a fondle! I think I've turned the corner. Cynthia (Knitting Central) was right getting out and moving was the key to breaking the depression bubble! Thanks Cynthia!!

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Mel said...

Hi Trish,
Sorry I missed you in the USA! I was in LA for a very short time. Congratulations on your yarn being featured in Selvedge magazine (free pattern). I was thrilled to see it there!