Saturday, December 05, 2009

Leaving the Doldrums Behind

So I had the pity party yesterday, I wallowed in it. I had my hair done and my toes and took apart my knitting and started again. My gal Sara tried and tried (Sara has a very sunny attitude- pretty much bubbles all the time) but I was wallowing. I wrote how I felt to friends that had "dared" to ask how I was and I wallowed.

One (dear and wise ) freind wrote back, sage advice for sure, straight shoooter and super clear words.

So I got the hair fixed up while I knit, this is one of my projects (that had almost been completed but not in a good way)

Here my weary feet bubbling away ready to be elegant

Watching my friend make my toes pretty those hand painted flowers-real art- is fascinating

I came home to a almost cooked dinner and then sat and knit. Today is a trip to my SIL's whom needs help with her fingerless gloves and a trip to her local yarn shop for some needles for her. UMMMM a yarn shop I can smell the yarn now!