Wednesday, December 09, 2009

How to spend a rainy day

It rained on Monday, a wonderful day to spend making yarn.

Fire and Ice completed while it rained all day

Monday night I went to a spinning group and had more spinning fun. Think I'll bead some Fudge/Chocolate Icing today,

Tuesday it was lovely, Southern California is wonderful after a good rain. I went to the Doctors for another follow up and lost another two pounds this week, another drop in the very large bucket. I did some reknitting and loving the stitch markers that Sheila gave me....

Today I'm catching up with computer work and I think Mike asked me out on a date tonight, I was sleeping when he spoke to me so I'm not sure......

Next week is my party, if you are coming to Becky's house I can hardly wait. Doctor said I could have the occasional piece of Dark Chocolate, so will save up and splurge on my Birthday. I feel great!

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Sheila E said...

Hi Doll...I think that it's hard for we Saggs to slow down and take the small steps that we make forward and really appreciate them.
You are doing Great! You are Healing well!
Take good care of are Much Loved!
And you get chocolate ;D