Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankful and happy

Yesterday Mike and I went to my SIL Cinti's and John's house for our Thanksgiving meal. I can't remember a time where I haven't been slaving over the oven on Thanksgiving. Luckily for me yesterday I was able to hobble over to the arms of my loving family and plant myself in a chair and let the world go by. It does go by that's for sure. Meagan, a family friend, came with her new baby Johnathan. Cinti and I admired the baby while young people struggled in the kitchen. It was quiet and I did a lot of knitting. The meal was great and I did have a little peach crumble and a corner off of a Magic Bar. I had turkey and a salad and just a little mashed potato's.
When we left Cinti presented me with this Bouquet how lovely! I got dinner and flowers!

Here is Cinti with Johnathan and her daughter Danni all mooning over the baby.

Knitting out in the backyard while the hummingbirds and cats entertained me. It was about 80 degrees and more than lovely.

These are the lemon's that went to Becky's house with Steven

This is all the yarn that is drying at Becky's. She sent me this picture so I won't worry about yarn while I'm not making any.

I've been making yarn but very slowly. I've managed to make 5 skeins in three days. Becky has made a bit more about 50 skeins in three days. Thank goodness. The yarn is at Knitterly at the moment, then it will be coming home to Lakewood for a trunk show at Wild Fiber. Tulsa is still a far dream that I'm not sure I'll be able to manage. I have a terrible red itchy rash around my middle that will not get better no matter what potion I put on. I'm going to try Aloe this afternoon.
My knitting is ok but not sure if it will fit the intended. It's quiet here with Steven in Oregon Mike at work and Alexandra in Sacramento Ca. I'm resting.....

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Sending hugs and healing vibes!!!!