Monday, November 23, 2009

Moderate Monday

For me trying to be moderate is like telling a bird not to fly. I'm trying to be good but yesterday the temptation of doing something more than laying around like a beached whale was too much. I took a shower, by myself, I cooked dinner, all ingredents were on the program and had loads of tea (herbal and English Breakfast), today all those things caught up with me. So laying on the couch knitting was all I could really do. I finished the Stone Scarf that is so warm I can hardly wait until my Oregon Christmas visit.
Today it's warm and clear. My stomach hurts and lunch didn't sound good, so a banana was it. I have dinner under control for tonight and with Steven's help I think we won't starve. I won't starve for sure.

The completed scarf "Stone". 5 Skeins of textured Cashmere. It's warm and cozy.

My spinning wheel is calling to me it misses me, I miss it. I try not to worry about all the yarn I'm not making, and while laying doing practically nothing I wonder what I would be doing if I didn't have Tanglewood Fiber Creations. What do people do when they aren't worrying about yarn? How can one just sit watching TV and not knit or spin. I understand this is temperary and I'm glad and grateful.

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Alexandra said...

could be worse you could have no internet too..