Saturday, November 21, 2009

Restful Sunday

I'm enjoying yet another bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and have started the Hand Candy pattern...
I will be doing light work today, hoping to do some plying maybe. I'm feeling worlds better after having my dressings redressed. I'm on the upswing of feeling better.

These socks are hand knitted gift from Alexandra. They are a wonderful color, prefect fit and warm. Even though it is warm during the day my feet still take a chill. These are a thoughtful gift! Thanks Alexandra

This is the pillow nest is my hang out.

These are Eyphillium and Chilli plant. I have to harvest the chillies for Becky. Steven will be going for the lovely Thanksgiving, we are going to John and Cynthia's for a quiet celebration closer to home.

Ozzie looking like a Moses double, he brought me a present yesterday

My present....

These are the roses yesterday in the garden! Val and Pete came over and we made a delicious salad totally on my program we all had seconds and thirds....

Mr. Lincoln rising up to the sky

Ozzie the Lover, Cryuss let's Ozzie groom him until Ozzie decides to make it into a biting game

More Roses

This is one of the two Lemon Grass bushes we have growing!

More roses

My resting out side place

The Sunflower that has just gone crazy!

A close up of things to come

My knitting. I thought that this looked so much like a rock bed that it would be fun to knit in a path in the Cashmere/Silk in Stone. So I picked up stitches and knit crazy stuff and then when the pain tablets wore off so did the idea, so back to basic's this top part has been taken down and picked up more stitches so it is a more even width, in keeping with the bottom bit. It still looks like a rocky river bank to me but I'm not talented to make the path along it's edge and through the middle.....

My SIL called me this morning. My brother John in Ireland is going to be having his Gall Bladder out probably tomorrow and has been in Emergency all day today. He has a fever and blood so we are hoping that his gall bladder didn't somehow explode. He blames me of course.... Sorry John.

I'm also writing the Hand Candy pattern today which is long over due. I'll try plying as well. Make it a good day!

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