Friday, November 20, 2009

Doctor Day

Lisa Hoffman sent me this picture today (I love pictures instead of flowers LOL) of the Vogue Eyelet Cowl;
Dear Trish
want to show you the neck warmer I made with the beautiful Newport rocks I got at stitches (see attached). I combined it with a solid camel color, also cashmere/silk, and it’s gorgeous the way the color changes in stripes throughout. Just an easy pattern I think similar to the one in vogue knitting, alternating stockinette with stripes of yo/k2tog. I am getting so many compliments….still thinking of what to do with the camel yarn with beads.
Get well soon

I'll be sending Lisa a $10 coupon for this picture! Thanks Lisa!!!

Today I'm hoping to get all the tape off the 4 sites of entry into my inners, as it is itching like the dickens.
I really had no time for knitting yesterday as we had a problem in the production room (which is the very small front room while I'm in LA. Mike just shakes his head as he clambers over all the yarn).
A case of; "Where are the Missing Skeins"? Nothing could go anywhere until these problems were worked out. On and on it went numbers and more numbers, sometimes I think we kept picking up the same skein, over and over again. Steven finally got the yarn shipped out yesterday afternoon and missed school. Bummer.
As anyone that knows me knows I love making yarn but I don't like counting it. Steven said it had to be done, so I did it. We did a great job which gives me hope that I might find someone (ok no one will be as good as Steven but close I could hang with close) in Oregon that could count skeins, and know the colors (Steven has only got 16% of his color vision and can tell the different colors-ways!!).

I did finish Neil's Birthday scarf, better late than not at all. He needs it too as the weather has been terrible in Oregon. This is the basket weave (mostly I'm easily distracted and this has been a distracting time for me) in Fireworks, it's great to work with and "recyled" yarn. IT's GREEN!-no I know it's black but it's recyled-oh heck forget it.....

So this is how long my scarf was before I added the ball of smaller texture Cashmere-Stone. I went down to a size 11 and that was the trick, however this "paddle" wasn't long enough.....

So while we were doing inventory yesterday I pulled two more skeins of the textured cashmere, pulled out all the smaller textured knitting and have begun to add the second of the big textured kind here. See on the right where the needle is? This points out where I started the new skein. I think then to add the smaller textured Stone as like a bridge between the two "paddles" (as that what it looks like, a paddle off an oar) on the end. I think it will be very soft, showy and a great way to wear this interesting yarn

So no inventory today YEAH! If I get my tape off I may try plying but maybe I'll just rest. Everyone says to but then in the next breath asks for something (well except Steven and Mike, all they ask is what I want!)
So off to knit before I go to the doctor! Cheers...


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