Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm home in Lakewood CA! I'm feeling sore and a bit woosy but much better than did yesterday.
The ride home was short which was good. I'm not going into be riding in the car again until tomorrow, when I have a check up, and then again next week, another big outting to the Surgeon's office. It's amazing how hard it is to get the little things like moving to the bathroom or standing in the shower completed and how winded you feel after what is normally an easy task.
Yesterday Steven dropped me off and then went to school.
He tried to get me comfortable but it was Mission Impossible. Alexandra came by about that point and sent a grateful Steven away and briskly sorted me out making a comfortable nest of pillows and arranging things within easy reach. She then made a special cup of tea (White Wedding Tea Time Garden, Bonnie Rose's newest blend) and sat knitting until Steven returned home loaded down with approved groceries in preparation for Mom detail.
Mike took the night shift and showered me and washed my hair and tried to do a Pedicure. It was heaven to have my hair washed and the nails trimmed. Maybe next week I'll go for a more professional job but I'm thankful for what he did!
Dad has the "Trish Minding" detail today. He's picking up more Sushi and bringing special drinks. I've broken the rules today and enjoying a real cuppa, hope I don't have to pay too dearly for that one.
Meanwhile things move slowly here. I've "moved around the house" fussing with the things that don't require bending or heavy lifting, until Mike called warning me "that it was time to take a break", (does he have a Nanny Cam?) so back to my nest for a "rest" then lunch.
It's a glorious day here, Mike is fetching me a lounge chair so that I can soak up the healing rays of the sun. The garden is in full bloom and the air is fresh and slightly cool....
These are the Roses that Mike brought on Friday to the hosital. So fragrant that they scented the hallway too

This is what they look like today and still adding their heavy scent along with the lavender from the Trunk Show boxes.

This is a view of the garden i'll be sitting in later today

Thanks for all the healing thoughts and best wishes. The yarn will be going to Knitterly this weekend and staying until after Thanksgiving. If you want Good Yarn call Shelli! Remember to take time today to see the wonder of your world. It is food for your soul!

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