Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Day of Sitting

I started a new project as my arms are not as sore from all the invasive activities of the Hospital. I was suppose to go for a recheck today but they had no opennings today, so tomorrow is soon enough to be savaged by the needle.
I decided to make a scarf of Textured Cashmere and started a Seed Stitch pattern, I used size 19 needles so it went fast. This is a whole ball's worth

This ball is thinner than the last ball. Since it was already balled and knitted in I have decided to knit on a smaller needle-size 17 and try to continue the Seed Stitch, I might have to add stitches to make the scarf look OK, but I have nothing but time.....

Sending the yarn to Knitterly today. Yesterday we got over half of the inventory process done when I started to flag, so Steven called "Time" and I knit instead watching the new Star Trex movie. This morning has dawned early and I'm sore so going to have some food (food! I love food) and slowly get back to work. Make it a great day!

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