Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Becky

Happy Birthday my first born. It seems strange to be laying in a hospital bed 28 years after having labored in one having you. I'm listening to the new babies crying thinking about the first time I heard you. I couldn't believe that I could do anything as wonderful as give birth to you. I think your Dad was as surprised as I was and how glad he was that you were a girl. How amazed we were when you fit easily in one of his big hands. How serious your face was, all thoughtful, reviewing us as we looked on in wonder.
It doesn't seem so long ago until you are the one taking care of me. One day I hope you will know this joy. You are amazing then as you are now. I'm so proud of you and even though we are apart this time we are truly never parted. I'm always surprised at how smart you are and love that I can count on you no matter what. I'm really Lucky and Grateful to have you in my life. I love you my sweetheart. Make it a great day!
Ps have a huge piece of cake for me!!!!!


Roxanne said...

Oh Patricia you truly brought tears to my eyes, aren't daughters wonderful! Here is to a speedy recovery.
All my Love

Roxanne (we NEED YOUR yarn) ha

Jennifer said...

Yikes - I was out of town and missed all the excitement. I'm glad to hear that you're heading home and on the road to recovery. Hugs.