Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Going home today

Just to let you know I'm getting out of the hospital tomorrow. I'm at that fussy stage were you still feel bad but aren't bad enough to stay in the hospital.
I'm grateful to have been here but feeling sorry for myself about being here. My ear buds for my iPod have seen better days but got me through this trip.
I'm not sure what I'll be able to do or not so as far as going to trunk shows I won't be until maybe after Thanksgiving. If the powers to be see fit. However this whole thing has freaked out the family and they are going to make sure I'm not foolish.
I'm grateful
I have great insurance
I have a supportive family and friends
I only had a gall bladder problem
I've had lovely roses to look at
I only have to take care of myself
Sometime in the future I'll be able to eat a wider selection than now and want to
I'll be at home this morning and maybe be well enough to sit out in the garden
yes I'm grateful

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