Friday, November 06, 2009


It's been an incredible couple of weeks and this month is shaping up to be very interesting. I flew from Sticks and Strings to Portland, I then drove to Becky's house. The next day I drove to SOAR in Sunriver Oregon.
I had knit on my Cowl on the plane after having walked almost the entire Atlanta airport, having played musical gates, not in a good way. While I enjoyed the exercise, being hot and sweaty just before you are loaded into a small plane that is more than completely full isn't kind for the other people within smelling distance.... however Becky kindly made me dinner set up the bed and placed what was left of me into it.
SOAR (Spin-Off (Interweave Press's magazine for people that enjoy spinning) Autumn Retreat) was over the Halloween weekend. Many people dressed up, I went as the Vogue Model that is modeling the Cowl in the Vogue Magazine.

Bonnie Rose, my room-mate and the proud owner of Tea Time Garden teas. She is showing off our room at SOAR

My bed

Judith (the Spinning Goddess)

Velma made this yarn, isn't it great!

Sunday I returned to Becky's for another meal and an early bed. She had gone all out with the decorating

Mark- he is an absolute delight and a tea drinker. He even has his own cup. He is at the "fun" age, and it does my heart good to talk about chameleons and dump trucks in the same sentence.

This is a firewood splitter, I want one of these

Back to St. Helens and out of internet (as anyone that checked the blog in the last week) and here is Ms. Audrey filling in the calendar about my where abouts, take a close look at that calendar!

This is Trunk Show yarn that didn't fit in my suitcases, so our mail people are bringing it to California

Ms. Audrey waving good-bye to me on Thursday, just before the sleet hit

I'm in Sunny California, and going to Loop and Leaf tomorrow for a two day trunk show. The boxes from Sticks and Strings have arrived and I'm bringing some fresh yarns with me. If you want to have fun, join us this weekend in Santa Barbara. If you can't make that then how about Knit Affair (Corona Ca. ) on Wed., or Knitter's Studio (West Los Angeles) next weekend, and the list goes on, so check in on Monday to see what happened this weekend!

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monkeyspinner said...

Ah!!! I'm so jealous. Both you and Velma went. I hope you had a blast!!!Hope all is well.