Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sticks and Strings

I'm again leaving, this time for a quick trip home to Oregon. It's been a wonderful trip, and my host and hostess Sharon and Howie are fab, but I'm a little ready to chill in a time zone I'm more familiar with. This Sunday will be great as we "fall back an hour" Which will mean extra time at SOAR with Bonnie Rose and Sarah Anderson.
I'm going to post all these great photo's and then fill in the high points tomorrow while I wait for my plane(s) so if you see this don't worry I'll write I really will, but for now I'm going to bed as it is very late, and I have an early call tomorrow. I'm leaving the Trunk Show for another few days at Sticks and Strings as everyone aggreed that one day wasn't enough fun with Tanglewood yarns.
So if your near Scarsdale NY and want good yarn it's here until Sunday and then it moves on to Loop and Leaf in Santa Barbara CA for the first weekend in Nov.'s Trunk Show..... but for now here are some really good pictures of yarn, take a look at the Vogue Cowl some ways down, I'm almost finished!!! I've decided to use hand dyed ribbon instead of I-Cord for the cowl, beaded yarn rocks but not to make an I-Cord talk to you soon! Trish

This is a shawl a lovely lady is knitting out of our beaded "Stone" (Cashmere/Silk) we "bumped" (Bump is an app you can get for your IPhone) this picture of her work in progress, she got a $10 cert. for these pictures

Howie and Sharon hosted me and this is the bathroom I got to use. This is where the water comes out for jetted tub. I love this

Here is Knitting Barbie and knitting Skipper following the Barbie theme that started at Jan's house

The view from my window at Sharons and Howie's house.

A view of New York from the shores on the Hudson, you can't see NY as it was a drizzly day, a perfect Oregon day!

Sharon and I on the Hudson

At Sticks and Strings we put the colors together no matter what the fiber so here are some pictures of our Tanglewood Fiber Creation yarn
Natural colors and all beaded

Here is my Cowl in Fire and Ice almost completed

A row of yummy yarn

Multnomah Falls

Calypso Cove

Erica's Sunstone along with some Northwest Winter

This yarn is Columbia Gorgeous, the Vogue picture has had touched up with a really yellow picture making it more like Northwest Autumn, but here is the "real" color....

This yarn is dyed Yak and Merino and the socks that Cynthia N. knit using the Rivendale pattern from Janell Laidman's Eclectic Socks

Natural colored Cashmere, Yak and Silk and Cashmere/Silk

Lavender Moon

Top is Katie's Painted Hills, The next few is Newport Rocks, the bottom is filler

This is an electrical ball winder, with a squirrel cage swift, if I needed a ball winder I would have this one!


northofneutral said...

Hi! Today I went to the knitting store in Scarsdale to pick up two beautiful wools of yours...only to realize that it had been shipped back to you today! It was a beautiful mix of sunny orange, red, yellow colors, thick, uneven. Is there a way I can still get it back? :-)
You are such an artist - I love your wool dyes! Thanks, Anne

All Beavercreek Residents said...

I would love to help you with this please e-mail me with your e-mail address!