Monday, November 09, 2009

Loop and Leaf

Another Trunk Show over but not long forgotten. I'm still well (Cheryl from ID I'm not sick!! YEAH!) I had the most wonderful time and talked about TFC yarn, my favorite subject.
These are the Orchid's at my Dad's house that he had given my Mom, so Mom look at your Orchids!

I had so much fun that taking pictures was impossible. There was even a group of friends that came from LA to meet me in Santa Barbara!
On Saturday night I thought I was coming down with the SOAR crud so went to bed at 8:30 pm, unheard of and slept until 8:00 am the next morning bliss I awoke well rested and happy and took these pictures on Sunday morning
Columbia Gorgeous

Top down sweater that Shelli (from Knitterly in Petaluma) made for her but somehow I have it in the trunk show. Every time I see this sweater I think of how cute Shelli is and how great it looks on her.....I'm looking forward to seeing her in a couple of weeks

So if you've been to Loop and Leaf you might have seen this sign, well here are some behind the scenes pictures of what wonderful lodgings are behind this door...

This is the sink I used, see the tooth brush! it's a new purple travel one

This is the great art work that I got to look at across from the bed, Shelli also has things like this in her bathroom and Temple of Yarn

The table with the most beautiful flowers and lovely to sit and chat with Celeste (owner of Loop and Leaf)

This is the most heavenly bed!!!! I slept soundly here, in two weeks Jason Flood is going to sleep in this bed. He has a treat for sure!

Beth this picture is for you. This is my new Lendrum Spinning wheel's bag. My Kromski could no longer take my rough treatment and came apart in several places during SOAR. Alexandra had sold this wheel to someone that never quite got the hang of spinning, now it's mine. So even though it's not the most beautiful wheel it's durable and wonderful to spin on..... Gordy I'm back!

A cooks kitchen, small but very workable. Celeste's Mom was a professional cook and it was a little weird cooking oatmeal in her kitchen, but not too strange, you know kinda like when you are house sitting for a friend and it feels empty without your friend in it...

Celeste brought me this decadent pastry for my second breakfast

Lunch! Ummmm

These pictures are from Becky's house. She pickled home grown Brussel Sprouts in Silverton OR. while I talked about yarn in Santa Barbara Ca

This is the best. A wreath made from chilies and strawflowers. Celeste bought this for me and now it hangs in my purple room here in Lakewood. Thanks Celeste!

Today it's all about making yarn. i am alone as Steven is at school and Mike at work. I have no car, as our old civic has some sort of problem starting so no grocery shopping today, bummer LOL now I have to get started making lots of yarn. If you are going to Knit Affair on Wed. see you then, if you are going to Knitters Studio in West LA see you then!

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