Monday, October 26, 2009

On the Road

I'm in Boston MA! I haven't been here since 1977 just before I met Mike. My Aunty Dorothy lives here, she isn't a blood relative, but she is the closest thing to it.
What can I say about Stitches East was a wonderful dream. I worked with lively people both in the booth and the people that came from all over the USA that came to the booth to meet and buy yarn from us.
Lynn was my roommate and I now have a new BFF, I think she feels the same way. Cynthia (owner of Knitting Central) is like a busy Hummingbird taking care of three customers at the same time while texting the store to check if they had certian items. Lisa Knows knitting and writes patterns, helped customers and me while writting up orders.
Lynn and Lisa talking about knitting warming up by the fire

Lynn also a talented designer had two and three people at a time explaining techniques, choosing yarns, and organizing me. Cloe came and helpped us, and Serina (Moving Mud) was dauntlessly writing up orders.

There was excitement, the fire alarm went off Saturday night at 11:30 at Hotel. We all clambered downstairs in our PJ's and when we got over the shock of the thought of a fire in the hotel it became a sort of meet and greet party. We were on the 12th floor and so it was a long way down but not as long for the ladies from the 17th floor! It was a little scarry but everyone was so up that it began to seem like a party game.
Cynthia not standing still long enough to take this picture, notice her bag matches her PJ's

Lynn in her Lavender Sheep PJ's

Several ladies worried about the stash in their rooms, praying it would be all right, many of us brought our knitting ( me included) smart as we didn't get back up to the room for another hour and a half. Of course all th knitting I had done came out the next day, as I had somehow gone wrong and now I am picking up (hopefully all) stitches from having to rip out 10 rows.

I then decided to take the Taxi Driver; Ahmed up on his offer to drive me to Boston. What a great idea, I was tired from the night before and the weekend's fun. It is always easier to break down then it is setting up and when I left Rick and Cynthia they looked tired but almost done.
It is about a two hour ride from Hartford Ct. to Boston MA. What a treat to sit and watch the world go by seeing long ago familiar signs tugging at cherished childhood memories.
I wished that I could have a week here but it is only one short day. Tomorrow I fly to New York to the trunk show at Sticks and Strings, but today I'm going to sleep in and then enjoy the sights and eats of Boston MA. My birthplace.
I learned so much about knitting, gauge, pattern writting that my head seems like it was turning into a ball of yarn.

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Pam said...

I heard you had a great time with the Dream Team!

The pictures of the booth looked amazing.

I didn't know Boston was your birthplace. I lived in Boston just out of college and loved it. How long were you there?