Thursday, October 22, 2009

Playing with Balls

Here are the suitcases ready to go at 3:00 am flying to Stitches East in Hartford CT. ! Very happy to say I got to bed early having everything packed by that afternoon!

Cynthia from Knitting Central has put together the "Dream team" of Luxury yarns, Bee Sweet, Art Yarns and well Tanglewood Fiber Creations. Along with the yarn she has knitting needles and buttons from Moving Mud and Lantern Moon, along with project bags of all kinds. A lot of knitters were caught this evening in Cynthia's "web" of totally wonderful everything.

A close up of my Vogue Cowl- knit quite a bit on the plane yesterday

Lynn Wilson, an awesome designer and great teacher of all things knitting is my room mate. She brought the most lovely jam's, she's in bed now as she is an early to bed and early to rise kinda gal and I'm on PST time.... not good in the mornings for sure.

Cynthia's file box with all the free patterns in order she is very proud to have these organized, I'm thankful

Tanglewood Fiber Creations!!

Tanglewood ready to go!

Lynn Wilson (designer and teacher) arranging things

If you've never set up a booth, you don't understand this picture, but this is what it looks like when they called 15 minutes before they let the people in... panic

I got to play with other people's yarns and arranged these shelves,

Art Yarns

Be Sweet

Moving Mud wall

Look!!! My Cowl out of Fire and Ice Cashmere/Silk and the sister skeins of this project along with the Vogue Magazine here at Stitches East

This is Mary Ann holding her (our) favorite skein of beaded Newport Rocks in Cashmere/Silk we both love purple and this was the most purpley skein...

After a long day of setting up the booth we went to Max's -wonderful!! Everthing locally raised and fresh
Butternut Squash Soup-perfect Autumn meal

Lynn's Martini, I had water I'm still on Antibiotics :( (remember she has me for a roommate!)

This was our desert, Pumpkin (something) Torte UMMMM

Had a ball today, as Cynthia and Lynn had most of the booth set up yesterday. I have so much yarn here!! So many people came by to say Hello! It's been so much fun. I'll be tired tomorrow but tonght!!! Great fun! Off to bed now, if you are here at Hartford come say HELLO!


Alexandra said...

Looks great I have faith you will have much success....

Pam said...

WOW Trish, your yarn looks amazing and I love how you displayed the Vogue Cowl and magazine shot.

It's so great to so how the booth looks, I won't be able to get to Stitches to see it in person.

I was thrilled to see my crocheted sampler blanket in one of your photos.

Hope it's all a great success!