Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Blair!

It's my longest time friend Blair's Birthday today. Blair and I have known each other 40 years this year, wow. We were in the same 6th grade art class together at Malaga Cove Jr. High (it's not even called that anymore).
This is what I made Blair," Spring Equinox" Yak/Merino in the Tangled Lace Pattern. Yak can be so scratchy but this Yak is springy and soft. It is fun to knit, and this pattern is easy. I hope Blair likes it (even though it's suppose to be 83 today. It was 84 last night at 10:00 pm!) she'll probably not wear it today. I'm digging out a summer outfit I had left here. It's purple and lavender!

I went to see my good friend Dr. Kertz yesterday he loaded me up with a jab of antibiotics and b-12, and these potions, and you know what? I do feel much better today. Except for the hacking cough I feel much better. My temperature and the outside temperature yesterday were almost the same. Seems incredible that I have to buy a coat for next week!

Becky went to Jan's house last night to pick up the huge Rubbermaid container that I had left in the car for her. It contains some Multnomah Falls in the Merino/Angora/Cashmere that she will send to spinners this week. So if you want to make the Cowl know that some yarn like this is going to be spun soon.....

Dr. Kertz said that I have a double ear infection, probably from flying from cool Oregon to warm Los Angeles, Mike isn't happy, Steven and Becky aren't happy. I'm happy I feel better. I will make yarn today. Beaded yarn, some Hot Sugar and Cool Sugar. Hope you all feel better today and do some great knitting or spinning.

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