Friday, October 16, 2009

The next day

That's 12:32 am-It's snowing in Hartford CT site of Stitches here it's suppose to go to 90

I've chosen Fire and Ice to make my Vogue Cowl out of see my stitch marker all ready to cast on-looks like I'll be casting on waiting at the doctor's office as I have no voice and spent the night coughing

The Yak and Silk is drying it's lovely and sure to dry quickly today

Beaded Camel and Silk waiting to go for on a trip, waiting for that special someone.........see how lonely this yarn is skein 2-029-2-031 is it calling to you? Mike said it's soft

I'm going to attempt again to make a doctor's appointment, wheeze cough cough.....

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Pam said...

The yarns look so beautiful. Having had the pleasure of seeing them up close and personal, I know how amazing they feel.

It is truly a unique and special experience to knit with your yarns.