Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Friends of Blair Club

Yesterday was Blair's Birthday as you know and so we called a meeting of "The Friends of Blair Club", or FBC and went out for High Tea in Newport Beach CA (not Newport OR.) We had a grand time and laughed so much, time stood still. Until one of our husbands called and wanted to know about dinner......
I got home at 7:00pm. and felt wonderful. Between all the antibiotic's and the potions and the laughter, it was all good. Here is Blair with her scarf

Cathy drove us there allowing me to cast on my Vogue Eyelet Cowl, I had cast on 15's and started knitting at the DR.'s office but soon felt it wasn't right so pulled it all out and dug out my very special size 11 "Mahogany" glass needles from Sheila and Michael Ernst. Between the lovely yarn and the dreamy needles this project is going to be heaven......

I like this gauge and cast on the 90 stitches as written in Vogue..... I love these needles, the light airy feeling of the Cashmere/Silk, the little treasures that you come along as you knit with beaded yarn, I won't soon be done with this project I hope!
Today is a meeting of the Andersen Clan, Cinti made a reservation for 12! I hope Mike drives so I'll be able to knit more.
The Loops Caption Contest is Closed I will post the Winner Caption when I know it as well as Shelly on the Loops Blog..... good luck to all!

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Pam said...

The Vogue neckwarmer looks amazing. I saw glass needles at Rhinebeck, they look beautiful