Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Week in Review

One short week and a week closer to my leaving the Pacific Northwest....
We have labeled our 1000 and as it happens it is for a special order! We are well into the first 1100 skein as I've been working hard to decrease all the singles that I've had ready to go into yarn. So much yarn that it is taking Courtney and Heidi all day to keep up with me (and thanks to Becky as well for about 25 skeins)
Here are all the photo's downloaded off the phone, which has been a little buggy but is working today so I'm happy

Terry, my long time friend holding the most dreamy Pygora/Silk blend in Cooper Canyon. I bought this from her as I couldn't resist the color and plan to pair it with some Columbia Gorge-ous yarn in some project. Terry did an awesome talk about Pygora goats and fiber

Audrey and Marlyn at Aurora Guild meeting while I was "Chatting" with my "Peeps" in Tulsa via Raverly

Cleo must have found this fellow before I had! He isn't very big and got a trip outside

Here's my sheep "Trish" in a pen waiting for the show ring at Oregon Flock and Fiber. She got third place and in my estimation was robbed! LOL

Becky helped me make sandwiches for the gang including the sheep judge!

The Rabbit I didn't buy but wanted to.......

This sheep dog is watching the ducks in the crates

Bobbin lace makers

Terry (one of our spinners) and her friend at the ATM

And this is what tempted Terry and us all, colorful fiber of every type

Bar Maids, they make wonderful hand cream. We first met these ladies at Sock Summit

They make scrub which came in handy for the Festival goers

This sign just caught my attention, isn't it lovely

I'm sorry to say that Beth's FIL passed away on Tuesday so I'll be going to Walla Walla this weekend to be with the family and celebrate Larry's life on Saturday. I'll be flying down to Los Angeles a week from Today! It's been awhile since I've seen Mike and we are both looking forward to the reunion. I'm franticly making yarn for Stitches East and a trunk show at Sticks and Strings on Oct. 28th. Then flying to Portland for SOAR then a few days at the office then back down to California for three great Trunk Shows.
Cleo is staying with Becky for the time being, which is nice as Becky has been on the fence about having a cat, so now she gets to have one! I'll miss her but she'll be in good hands with Becky. It's late and I've got to get back to plying yarn!

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