Thursday, October 08, 2009

On The Move

Back down in Los Angeles the epic packing job was done. It took 4 of us worked very hard to get me ready to go. We shipped out a lot of yarn yesterday. Purl/Purl Soho is getting their order this week. It is good to see Mike and have a "day" off.

I'm catching up with the internet and go through all the DVR recording since August. Ozzie was very happy to sleep with me last night, nice substitute for Cleo. She is hanging out at Becky's house

Becky and I got together on Thursday night to pass Cleo over and a bunch of business things. We went to dinner to a resturant called Amadeus here is Becky having some Sudan Farms lamb, Sue and Dan are some of our sheep friends

We were the first people to get there and went touring around, Becky and I having a good time

This is a view of our seat

Isn't this stunning?

the hint of Autumn out this window

Another window

Another table

Lake Oswego out the window, Becky and I watched the rowing team practicing

these are the covered stairs up to the restaurant....

I went to Walla Walla Washington to help Beth and Gary, I made this Triffle, which was wonderful

It has been harvest time in Walla Walla, lots of Onion trucks rumbled along the roads and sometime some of the onions tumble off the top landing on the ground. So I suggested we make French Onion Soup...

I cut up a lot of onions and these reduced to two cups, however this process isn't fast and this soup took about 5 hours to make, so if you are thinking about doing it leave enough time.....

Back to work here are the new skeiners

The Production room littered with yarn

This is the stuff we make Fireworks from

Our one thousandth skein this year.... it went to Loop and Leaf for a special order

here are the boxes of yarn waiting for Audrey to take them to the Post Office, holding more than 100 skeins and going to four locations. These boxes are holding about $30,000 worth of yarn......

A last look of the house for a while, note the trees just starting to turn

The garden

The last blooms of the season

Another view of the garden

A close up of the trees on the driveway....

It was nice to arrive in Lakewood as the weather is cool and the roses in the back yard are really blooming. It seems quiet with out our African Grey parrot, sadly she died suddenly two weeks ago, but Mike has buried her under the Aprium tree, she would have liked that....

Cynthia at Knitting Central hosted Trisha from Vogue Knitting and saw the Cowl that is featured this month, constructed in our yarn. Please contacted me to find out where to get this yarn........ Happy Knitting!

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