Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

I rolled out the camper this morning to take Jan her tea and came back for breakfast. The sheep all look great, and the good friends look better. I wasn't cold last night but tucked up into bed in Jan's camper. It is warm during the day but at night it's a bit chilly. The trees are all starting to turn and that Autumn feeling has hit the Pacific Northwest. Jan's tomatoes are petering out but on the counter are the last cheerful hurrah.
I started digging through the sock drawer last night and found I'm down to two pairs without holes, sad and disappointed that it is a job I haven't gotten to. I leave for California in just a few weeks and am thinking I'll take a pair or two to start the massive repair work. I'm finishing up breakfast now to start the day right. I'll take lots of pictures and post asap. Make it a great day!

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