Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taking Care of Business

I've not got any pictures as my phone seems to have died. I am at Safeway early so as to be back at the factory to make more yarn this afternoon when Courtney and Heidi come to work.

We have made our 1000th skein this week. This is an amazing number. We started counting in March, and I'm so proud that we have been that productive.

I've been glued to my plying seat and when not plying I've been spinning. My hands hurt last night so last night I went out into the world, it was interesting.

Cleo is my shadow and loves the new skeiners, a little too much, and sometimes is banished from the production room if her "help" is a little too active.

Yesterday Steve from Stan's Appliances came and finally got our cook top working with Propane. This will be a real treat as the stove top has an adjustable heat source and self lighter. I can hardly wait to do some dyeing.

This weekend is Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. I'll be there collecting spinners and giving out fiber, so if you are a spinner come see me at the booth in the barn right next to Jan McMahon's sheep pens. I'll have applications if you want to spin for TFC there as well.

I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends especially Sarah, Bonnie and Alexandra. I hope to camp out on Saturday night but only if there is no chance of frost and since my phone is broken it's a little hard to tell.

Yesterday it was 95 here so hot I thought about turning on the air conditioner. Today seems a little cooler and my garden is liking the weather and the fact it is getting regular watering. David fixed the automatic watering system. The Brussels Sprouts are looking better after the organic pesticide was applied for the total aphid explosion that was bumming the Brussels Sprouts out. I have three plants that have a chance for harvest and three that I'm not sure if ever going to get going.

On Friday I'm planning on going over to Emma and Don's to watch Mark while Emma does some canning. I'll then go to Becky's to spend the night and then onto OFFF on Saturday and Sunday. Meanwhile it's time to get back to work and lunch.

I've booked all my flights for the next month. I'll be in Los Angeles on Oct. 7th then on Oct. 21 I'll fly to Hartford CT to attend Stitches East (come see the Knitting Central Booth) and then a very special Trunk Show at Sticks and Strings in Scarsdale NY on Oct. 28th. I'll be flying back to Oregon on Oct. 29th. After a night of doing laundry I'll be going to SOAR in Bend OR. working in Bonnie's booth and requiting spinners. Then a brief stay in Oregon and the back down to Los Angeles for three Trunk Shows
November 7th-8th Loop and Leaf (Santa Barbara CA)
November 14th-15th Knitters Studio (West Los Angeles)
November 21-22 Knitterly (Petaluma CA)
Dec.12-13 Loops (Tulsa OK)

It's starting to make my head spin so I better get back to work. Call me on the factory phone as the cell is going to get fixed hopefully soon

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monkeyspinner said...

50 here nad ofggy. I would lvoe some heat. Everyone I know is at OFF or Earthdance... Poo so have fun with out me at OFF