Friday, September 18, 2009

Catching up or I still love you more

I'm just feeling like myself and find that this afternoon I don't have to do anything. So I came into town to blog and am sitting at Safeway downloading pictures.
I'm still trying to catch up with myself after last weeks whirlwind trip to Knitting Central. The body still isn't sure what time zone I'm in.
I've also come into town to buy groceries, I'm finally out of fresh food and a little bit tired of lamb as that is what I've been having everyday since I've been back.

What a great bunch of knitters live in Westport CT. and beyond... I've forgotten all the names but treasure the faces! The amount of knitting these knitters, knit is wonderful
We got some new equipment here at TFC headquarters, it took the three of us to put it all together but now we have a new swift and skein winder with electric counter. This should make us way more accurite and take some of the frustrations out of skeining. We hope, Courtney is still not wild about the idea but Becky says that all Production Managers say the same thing about new equipment, we have tested it out and all is working now but putting it all together and making it work was exciting....

I forgot to take pictures of the new winders before I left so I'll take one this week...
These are skeins waiting to be packed for my trip to Knitting Central

Yarn waiting to be skeined

This is 5:51 am Friday morning in Portland, I'm early for my 6:00am shuttle to the airport. I arrived in NY at 11:30 PM EST and then got to Cynthia's house at 1:00am EST let me tell you the next morning was early.....

This is a new scarf pattern that Jennifer made in Calypso Cove beaded Merino/Silk

This is a Neck Candy scarf in Cashmere/Silk Northwest Winter, this is two skeins purchased during the Trunk Show last year.

Sophie's Mom showing the three Neck Candies she made from one skein of Yak/Silk beaded Butter

She is wearing a tank she knit using some yarn she purchased a very long time ago in the Alsorts color-way which has been discontinued, but it looks great!

Cynthia and Sophie's Mom together Cynthia is wearing the Tanglewood Cardigan designed by Melissa Leapman

Two more happy customers clutching their purchases

"Major Knitter" (that's the blog name go see what she posted!) bought yarn at Sock Summit and tried the Wild Woman Sock pattern out, but the colors worked were too close so she transformed them by selecting Lobster Pot solid color yarn and mixing the colors up GREAT idea don't you think!

Shawl done in Stone Cashmere/Silk along with a commercial yarn.. More great creative thinking

Rick is Cynthia's husband and brought us lunch, look he had the good taste to buy the right chips he didn't know about Becky working at Kettle!
Here are the socks just one day later and look at the transformation! Right on!

Saturday we went out to dinner and it was lovely Sunday after a mind bending day "at the office" Cynthia and Rick took me to the Sound near Westport. This is the public Country Club we went for drinks, and "snacks" of spring rolls, Oysters and Clams HEAVEN

These are the loungers where we ate and enjoyed a lovely evening next to the water

All too soon I was off again with a lot less yarn. I have left everything with Cynthia in preparation for Stitches East, we are having a very special booth there, you'll just have to stop by to see how special.
This is my newest project Shoulder Candy in Northwest Autumn Cashmere/Silk heaven to knit with and light as a feather to have in your hands.

That skein had so much yardage that it took me almost an hour to wind it into a ball!
So after several days of sleeping I am back to spinning madly. I made these two skeins (actual there are five but three are all together and two are together) this one is Cashmere in Newport Rocks spun bulky weight

Cashmere/Silk in Columbia Gorgeous along with a 13 or 15 needle

In addition to these skeins I've also done two skeins of "Natural Sugar" in beaded Cashmere/Silk, two skeins of "Ice" beaded 75%Cashmere/25%Silk two skeins of "Hot Stone" beaded Cashmere/Silk and two skeins of super fine Super Wash Merino in Northwest Summer. On paper (or screen) it doesn't look like much for two days worth of work but beaded yarn takes a lot of time and effort. I also got the office almost completely cleaned up, you can see the entire floor and most of the desk's surface. Heidi cleaned up the production room, and the dye studio is doubling as a lavender packaging center.

We have enjoyed lovely weather today. Tuesday afternoon and part of Wednesday it rained. Yesterday it started very foggy and then cheered up to be breathtaking. Today it's hot and I'm off to knit by the water. Today it's the Columbia River, last week the Sound near Westport, next week it's Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival! This weekend I'm chilling at home making yarn.......


Sue said...

Ooh, is that a Crazy Monkey skeiner? I have one, and love it! Well worth the money.

Jennifer said...

Yeah! We loved having you in Westport. Can't wait to see you again soon. Hope you've recovered from your trip and gotten some R&R.

monkeyspinner said...

Your making me tired. How you manage to travel that much I ll never know. Hope your well.

Becky Rose said...

Tired of lamb!!???!! Who are you and what have you done with my Mother??