Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Saturday we went to Jan's house for a spinning/Knitting party
Here is Becky knitting, can you see the rain behind her?

Jan getting ready to make Pizza's in her outside Pizza oven on the new deck

Jan and Jerry putting the pizza's together ummmm

This is Neil trying to stop the rain from pelting us heavy angry rain

More and more rain, poor Audrey sitting in this under a flimsy tent at State Fair

Some how we got to talking about Barbie and Jan ran and got out her old Barbies! so we started to play with them as a child I wanted this dress.....lusted for it.....

I was dressing this Barbie in a tight outfit and suddenly her head came off and the vintage original necklace slipped from her shoulders and onto then under the deck, I was mortified.

Cynthia is a True Woman of the Pacific Northwest and goes for in the hunt for Barbie's Necklace

With a coat hanger and some light from the sky she fishes out Barbie's necklace and saves the day! Thanks Cynthia

While we were dressing Barbie Elizabeth was working......

The the big black clouds rolled in again

And just as suddenly they were gone which was a sign that everyone should pack up and leave, here is the bobbin of bunny I did, with the help of "Glen"

Outdoor kitchen all cleaned up

Sheep now out in the good weather

departing friends

After all this fun Becky and I went home and started drying more produce. Plums, Peaches, Grapes, Figs, Pears, and tomatos of all kinds. We made Salsa Verde from her Tomatio's and canned it. We went through Mom's recipe box, and wondered at the Anchovy Turnover recipe, I know Mom never served that!
Now it's time to go back to work and ply all that I spun which was a lot. Three bobbins of Chocolate Icing, Two bobbins of Newport Rocks Cash/Silk and one big bobbin of Sterling Silver (Angora Rabbit). We got all the 11 spinner boxes done and they will be mailed today. I'm leaving Cleo here as I will be going to Knitting Central at the end of the week, so Becky will be cat sitting. Right got to go back into Internet Silence!

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