Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm Here!

This morning started early on this 9/11 day. I awoke just one minute before the alarm did at 5:26am. I was at the shuttle for ten minutes to 6:00am, showered. We had a scenic tour to the airport and then a small wait for the plane as I was two hours early. I did some computer work and had breakfast then flew to Seattle. The onto the train to catch the connecting flight to Los Angeles. Another wait more work and a lot of knitting got done. Another flight to Los Angeles then a short wait while knitting then two buses and we are now at the gate to go to JFK airport in New York.
Cynthia had a young man come meet me and we talked. It is now midnight and by the time we got to Cynthia's house it is 1:00am. Now it's even later than that but I just wanted to tell/ warn you that I'm here! Tomorrow should be exciting! I hope we get some good pictures so that I can give away some 10.00 gift cards out!
I'm going to bed now I was just trying to update you all. If you are in the area STOP BY..........., x

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