Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Day with Becky

It was a productive day, a shopping day. We started at Farmers Market in Silverton OR. and then went to Salem. We had a list and most everything that was written was crossed off in the course of the day. It was wonderful. We missed Val tonight at dinner thinking that it was just a week ago we were putting things away from Becky's housewarming party.
Yesterday I spun at the Oregon State Fair. A child that came by said he wanted this tree house and he wanted me to play with him. I think that sounds great and so I had to see this wonderful tree house, something I always wanted as a child.....

This is a beaded necklace that the lady whom was working at the Lavender Thyme booth was wearing, it was so life like

This is something I spun up on Thursday, Chocolate Icing. This is "Chocolate Cashmere" I had blended with Tussah Silk then beaded with the "Ice" beads so they will glow in the dark just like the "Ice"

Becky is knitting some "Ice" into a "Shoulder Candy" and I wanted you to see the difference in the colors of "Chocolate Icing" and "Ice"

Becky picking out her new Bird Feeders

Something to dream about, this refrigerator, Becky may be getting a new dryer, so we went to look and look we did

We dropped by EZ Orchards to pick up some milk and had Peach Shortcake with Ice Cream and shared this "small" dish, you can't imagine how big the large is......

This is the view from the bench we sat on eating our treat

We walked around EZ Orchard and noted that their Corn Maze is ready, but the sky was looming and had dropped some much needed rain, we worried about Audrey at the State Fair under the tent wet. I had my Mom's umbrella!

The beginning and the end of the Corn Maze, look at that Sky.......

Part of our dinner tonight, Cucumbers out of both my and Becky's garden and Brandywine Tomato's from Becky's garden garnished with Basil also fresh from her garden

Tomorrow is a spinning party at Jan's house. I'll be spinning some Angora Bunny and then some more Chocolate Icing for next weekends Trunk Show at Knitting Central. Becky will be knitting and I'll take more pictures. Cleo spent the day at home sleeping on Becky's bed and looking out the window. It is suppose to be wet tomorrow again and I love it. Suddenly it seems like autumn......

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