Thursday, September 03, 2009

Blogging silence

As you may or may not know I don't have the internet at my house/yarn factory. When I'm trying to get a lot of work done it's not always easy to drive the many miles into town to Safeway to get the internet. If you don't see a new blog or haven't heard from me e-mail wise you can bet I'm making yarn in St. Helens OR. and that's just what I've been doing. Even during Becky's house warming party I spun.
We sent about 100 pounds of yarn to Knitting Central (Westport CT) yesterday, in preparation for the Trunk Show next weekend. If you like yarn then you might want to get over to Knitting Central for a really fun yarny time. I'll be spinning and there will be free stuff and door prizes.
If you have a garment made from Tanglewood Yarn bring it and I'll give you a $10 coupon for using the picture on the blog.
There will be chocolate as well........

These next pictures are of Becky's garden and House Warming party. It was a little warm, (all those in Southern California quit laughing) but we all followed the shade in Becky's garden and it was very pleasant. It's a little strange going to your daughter's first "big girl" party.

Neil and Paul sitting on the bench while Val listens to yet another story

Don't get too excited this isn't Becky's new baby but her friends Andrianne and Paul's baby, Trystan.

Right to left Ms. Audrey, Linda (spinning) and Marilyn (Becky's neighbor)

Just another view of Becky with a baby ( note the spinning wheel in the fore ground? It's Cashmere getting spun for "Ice")

Jan gave Becky a dehydrator, I gave Becky a freezer!

Jan brought a lot of tomato's so we made Gazpacho out of some of Becky's tomato's and cucumbers and Cynthia's onions and Becky's peppers. We had a salad and some lovely bread that Paula made. Heaven for a girls day (especially the day after a big party)

After a long weekend I went home and plied! Two skeins of Ice and 8 skeins of Columbia Gorgeous (Cashmere/Silk) and one skein of Newport Rocks (fine spun Cashmere)

This weekend in Labor Day. I've spun at the State Fair today and will again (for longer this time) tomorrow. Saturday will be a work day, then Sunday is spinning at Jan's house. I'll be going home on Monday to wash all the yarn we've done this weekend. Walking through the 4-H barn made me sort of miss the old days. Many a late summer was spent just like this grooming sheep. Tomorrow I'll be going to the Sheep Show although there are only a handful of wool sheep at this year's 4-H State Fair.

Ms. Audrey is going to get Elephant Ears tomorrow. I got my Carmel Corn tonight, tomorrow will be a trip to the Dairy Women's barn for some ice cream. I'm staying at Becky's house (hence the internet) and she just called from Chicago (she's on a business trip) to say that the hotel she is staying at was on fire. She managed to get her pants on under her nightgown and saved her knitting (which is a good thing as she is knitting "Ice" into a Shoulder Candy). Wow.....If you are going to the Oregon State Fair tomorrow come by the Artisan's Village and say hi, if you are near Westport CT and Knitting Central next weekend come by and say Hi!

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