Thursday, July 09, 2009

Loops in Tulsa

I'm not quite at the shop yet but already my visit is going well. Elizabeth has loaned me her house (I'm not sure if I've ever met Elizabeth) and her dog Scout. If I could have a favorite house this would be it. Cozy and homey I feel right at home, as I sit here in blissful air conditioning sipping a cup of Lemon Ginger tea.
Both flights were terribly crowded and no one was pleased to see Trish with all her luggage and the flying knitting needles. However the journey is over for now and Scout and I are pleased with each other.
Tomorrow will start the fun and that will be great but for now I'm happy to be cool and peaceful. Thank you Elizabeth

ps I managed to find three pairs of shoes, one of them is a pair of purple sequined flats, these I will wear for the PJ party. The other pair are sort of Keen'esk but dressier (Shelli they are just like the ones you pointed out) and one pair are for my dress, but I draw the line at hose no panty hose in summer in to follow


MJWimbishi said...

I just got home from the PJ party at Loops with Trish, her wheel and all her yummy yarn..I think I have touched each skein and am about halfway finished with a beautiful scarf of NewportROckscolorway... itwill be awhile before I need a scarf in was over 100 today... Trish was so much fun and I had a great time.. MaryJo

shelley said...

The purple sequined flats ROCKED! In fact, the whole "PJ" ensemble was TDF. No wonder the 20-something guys think you are so hot ;-) We always love having you to Tulsa, are such a fantastic, fun person and your yarns are unequaled anywhere on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Scout says, "Thanks for the lovies!"

Shelley Brander said...

Hey, we're waiting on the big post-visit blog entry. What gives? Still down with that double ear infection? We miss you already!