Thursday, July 09, 2009

Up Up and Away!!!!

Today I fly to Tulsa OK for the Loops Pajama Party.
I have a pair of Pajama's that are brand new but need a pair of "Fancy Lady" shoes, I hate shoe shopping.
I love socks but not shoes. I love Tiara's but hate shoes. Love fancy lady dresses, hate shoes. Somehow between here and Tulsa I have to find a pair of suitable shoes.....
I've looked at different shops, I meant to do more shopping while here in shoppers paradise LA, but making yarn and getting the yard sorter somehow was more important.

I made yarn, mostly my own hand-spun yarn, that I beaded and then plied. This is the most wonderful feeling in the world. I've knitted sock samples for Sock Summit and I've managed a business from 1000 miles away.
Steven (my son) is my intern this year. Since Danielle couldn't make it this year and I really need help, Steven needed a job, therefore is now working for Tanglewood Fiber Creations. There is a lot of work to do as well.
Becky has been a little more productive than I have. She plied over 70 skeins last week, yesterday and today Courtney and Heidi will be skeining and teaching Steven the ropes........

We have a new Meyer Lemon tree in the back yard here in Los Angeles and a lot of Verbena and some Alyssum and Labella (Crystal Palace of course) in the front. I want to plant a peach tree as well but that is still under discussion. There are roses in the side yard that need trimming but my time here is done.
Mike is going to be working on several projects as he will have a person less house (he'll have Cleo, Ozzy and Cyrus for company which is a lot of cat fun) for a few weeks while Steven is with me. Wow I've just noticed that Mike swept the floors! Already projects in motion. He talked about the kitchen, but with the roof project completed and paid for, that leaves little resources to start knocking into walls to find studs, and run new electrical.
The new roof looks very nice, and it ought to for the price.

If you are anywhere near Tulsa OK. come to Loops (even if you don't knit) to say Hello!

Beginning count down for Sock Summit 27 days....... still one sock pattern to write....... much sock yarn to get spun......

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Blair said...

Go to DSW (designer shoe warehouse)
they have a store in Tulsa... lots of shoes and good prices... xxo your friend the shoe lover!!