Thursday, July 16, 2009

Following up

Too soon my trip to Loops is over. For the last six months I have been planning this trip and now it's over and the business of getting ready for Sock Summit is now in full swing.

Steven had his first real work day, which began by picking me up from the airport and straight to Urgent Care with a temp of 101 and a double ear infection.

This has made it hard to get to the Internet now I'm back in Oregon. Steven is being a "Trish Minder" and has had my best interest at heart. It took several hours to down load all the photo's which used the only available time I had at Safeway. Then it was all about making and inventorying the yarn. 100+ skeins had to be re-skeined and inputted into the computer only to find that they had all the wrong yardage, so relabeling and writing all those labels took time. Meanwhile I'm suppose to be resting.
My friend Fran came and stayed with us. Becky came and spent the night, all the while work went on. I managed to get some beaded yarn done and labeled. We sent 4 boxes out today with yarn for Knitters Studio, Hill Country Weavers, Loops and Leaf and Knitting Central so if you want good yarn talk to them. Meanwhile we are making yarn for Sock Summit.
Knitterly is having a blow-out sale this weekend. We have sent a box that will be 40% off, so call Knitterly and stop by this weekend, meanwhile no baby Waylon.... still

Going back in time this picture is of our ugly old outside lamp on our California house,

New lamp, it will go with the new color soon to be painted on the California house which will enhance the new roof, that cost more than the down payment for this house.....

this poor Epiphyllum had been moved to do the roof now it is burned and after Sock Summit is coming to Oregon to live in the front room

a view of the new Meyer Lemon planted in California

The pink lemon tree that makes the best Lemon Curd

My best buddy Scout, this is the most common view of Scout and try as I may to get a more dignified shot, this is the one we settled on.

Gene and his almost completed Cashmere/Silk Newport Rocks vest. This took one huge skein plus some of a regular skein... He is getting a $10 coupon off his next Tanglewood Fiber Creations purchase!

Terry was the sexiest of us all in her red PJ's I love it!

Terry's sexy shoes......

This fine lady Mary Jo is knitting on some very blue Newport Rocks in Super-wash

Jane is shyly showing off her Northwest Autumn in Super-wash that she is pairing with the Alchemy yarn for a cute sweater project

Gina was cold the whole weekend so I made her wear the new Tanglewood Cardigan that Melissa Leapman designed, she still stood gazing longingly at the outdoors which was 105, and would periodically go outside to warm up (but somehow Gina's picture became Ellen in her PJ's sorry Gina!)

This lucky winner of the raffle! She is loving some Cashmere in Northwest Winter, after all free Tanglewood Fiber Creations yarn is the best!

Jane casting on.....

Not the best shot of Phyllis but she is working with Tanglewood Fiber Creation yarns...during the Pajama Party

Longingly drooling over the Tanglewood yarn

Ellen digging into her new skein of yarn

My Purple Sequin shoes, they are my favorite!

The morning after the PJ party (and the night I started the fever) I had breakfast with the Brander Family. I shared my new phone so games could be played... but pictures got taken too, this smiling face is Shelly's youngest, Mallory

Shelly's oldest Sam, he loves maps, I love going places, so we often talk about places I've been and where they are. The phone was really good for this as we could look at the map together and talk about them. Sam has made me promise that I would come back at Christmas time to see the lights and maybe his Christmas Pageant, if time allows

The middle child, the quiet one....Cecily

That's Mr. Brander to you! LOL

This is a picture of Shelly and I, however I am suffering from the ear infection and heat. Shelly is suffering a terrible Tanglewood Fiber Creation's yarn addiction........She is working on a Neck Candy in Cash/Silk (Bulky) in Erica's Sunstone


Look at this cherub...and a great photographer/Iphone specialist

Paula went home and cast on this little Bolero she is also getting a $10 coupon for her next purchase of Tanglewood yarn

Here she is modelling the almost completed garment. It is knit using one skein of Cashmere/Silk and one skein of Merino/Angora/Cashmere both in Newport Rocks she is doing 3 rows of Cashmere/Silk and 2 rows of Merino/Angora/Cashmere and let me tell you the effect is wonderful

You can see the effect on the back very well

This is the Bolero that Shelly designed (ok just got the word she didn't design this it's :
.html )and made out of one fairly large skein of Cashmere/Silk in Newport Rocks

Gina's Shoulder Candy made from Stone in beaded Cashmere/Silk she has written the pattern down and if you buy a skein of TFC yarn you get the pattern for free. Gina is also getting a $10 coupon

Completed Tanglewood Scarf done with a small skein of Newport Rocks in Super-wash and Mary Jo, whom is a fast knitter, is getting a coupon as well

Monday I arrived in Portland and then to Urgent Care then to bed. Steven took care of the rest of the day. Tuesday dawned bright and I was allowed up to direct Courtney and Heidi in Lavender Harvest. Ummmm the whole Dye Studio smells wonderful and we are only about half way completed.....

Still to be harvested


The front garden


Day Lillies with Lavender

Rubarb, Mother's favorite and I planted it so I could make her Rubarb tarts in the summer time.


Since these pictures were taken I've been up and down. Over doing then taking it easy and then back again. Yesterday I went to the dentist and tried to get some work done in the afternoon. I found myself waking up in bed at 6:30 pm and then had a snack and went to bed again. Steven, Courtney and I worked this morning and finally got all the yarn into the computer. Steven and I then drove to Seattle to get together with my brother (whom lives in Ireland) for a short visit. I'm on high speed for a couple of days! We had a lovely dinner at our favorite Tapas bar and now I'm blogging and Steven is watching TV while we wait to hear from John. I'm not sure what we'll do but look forward to some great times. Steven says he's ready for fun, so far there hasn't been enough fun. Poor Steven.........

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